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‘Younger’ Cast Members Molly Bernard & Nico Tortorella Muse On The Future Of Their Characters Beyond Series – ATX

Molly Bernard and Nico Tortorella got gushy at the ATX online panel for Paramount /TV Land’s Younger which dropped its series finale this past Thursday.

Asked about what type of futures they saw for their respective characters, Tortorella acknowledged how his tattoo maestro, Josh, finally wound up back with Liza (Sutton Foster) –or so it looked liked that way in the series’ final shot with the two replaying a convo at the bar from the first time they met.

Younger series finale

Nico Tortorella as Josh in ‘Younger’. He’s not joshing around about his love of Liza.

“There’s space for newness in a relationship that so many people were hoping for,” said Tortorella about the finale.

“I first and foremost want Josh to continue co-parenting Gemma in a beautiful way; he’ll continue to be a good dad. And there’s room for more children in his future. It could happen,” said the actor.

“He bought the building, business is good, Josh is stepping in his prime,” continued Tortorella about the financial success of Josh.

Tortorella mentioned that his character didn’t get his Mr. Big moment, specifically “we never got Josh’s last name.” The actor was expecting that reveal in the series finale, entitled “Older”, but it didn’t come.

Younger series creator Darren Star told us earlier this week that he’d be open to a Younger movie at some point — so don’t close the door on more of the show.

Molly Bernard, who has literally been the hysterical female version of Ted Baxter to Foster’s Mary Tyler Moore-type protag on Younger, playing the wesenheimer inhouse publicist at Empirical Publishing, exclaimed, “I want her (Lauren), as much as she focuses on her friends, to focus on herself and her own career.”

“I want to produce like Diana (Trout) did,” said the actress referring to Empirical’s titan publishing powerhouse femme boss played by Miriam Shor.

“It’s cute that she became the inhouse publicist, but I’m sad that Heller Good PR didn’t take off,” added Bernard.

We hear you. Lauren needs a big love life, or her own Mr. Big. Lauren thought she finally was going to land her man, Dr. Max, after he saved her father. But Dr. Max wound up revealing to Lauren that he’s gay, and getting married.

Tortorella mentioned he “was a mess” on the last day of shooting his scene with Foster. Bernard, too, was there for others’ final scenes i.e. Hilary Duff and Foster’s. “I can’t forget the tenderness,” added the actress.

“It was on my last day that Sutton was holding me. I was like ‘Dang this is the end,’” said Bernard, “It’s very bittersweet, we built these relationships through the last seven years. It defined my ’20s.”

Bernard and Tortorella appeared on today’s ATX panel with Younger costume designer Jacqueline Demeterio.

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