Yolanda Andrade had a “toxic girlfriend” who forbade her to speak with Montserrat Oliver

Yolanda Andrade had a "toxic girlfriend" who forbade her to speak with Montserrat Oliver

Yolanda Andrade, who made use of to speak openly about her nostalgic life, recounted the heck she coped with one of her ex-partners who forbade her to consult with Montserrat Oliver, who was her girlfriend and is currently one of her friends, in addition to program companions.

It was throughout a recent program of the Montse & Joe program that she bore in mind that she had an extremely toxic connection with a female who was extremely jealous of her and who was very aware of everything she did.

The Sinaloan and Monterrey hosts had Viviana Martínez as a visitor, who dealt with them in Daughters of Mother Earth, as well as they assured that it was throughout several journeys they made with each other that Andrade’s ex-girlfriend made them feel really unpleasant.

” I was with the unnameable,” said Yolanda, while Oliver stated that he was not allowed to talk to her: “Oh, no. With the one who really did not allow you speak to me or in the notes.”

Viviana mentioned that the tension in between Oliver and Andrade made her feeling very uneasy: “That was really strong because I had to do it as a psychologist, as a pal of both, yet likewise as a psychologist, as a filmmaker, as a therapist. Say no before I returned to the psychologist.”

And there we go behind the phone due to the fact that you had tossed it since you were upset as well as what was our fault? I rested, it was a bed, a bureau and the various other bed, some tiny beds, and I slept with the telephone wire right here (on my neck) like an aching since Jo maintained chatting on the phone and also it was not wireless, before stating that I do not have a brand name, “stated Viviana.

Andrade acknowledged that he invested hours as well as hours speaking with his ex-spouse: “I told him: ‘Güey, please, I’m going to get on an island, and there will be no signal and I can not speak with you,’ as well as it was something. They really have Be cautious with your relationships.”

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