Widower of Susana Dosamantes assured that the actress appears in her dreams

Widower of Susana Dosamantes assured that the actress appears in her dreams

Six months after the death of Susana Dosamantes, her widower, Luis Rivas, offered a statement in which he disclosed just how he managed to overcome the absence of the famous Mexican actress, yet additionally assured that the mommy of Paulina Rubio constantly manifest in his dreams.

Rivas was doubted by some of the media, after leaving the Eucharist supplied to the very first actress in celebration of her 75th birthday. Throughout his intervention with the media, one of the reporters asked him if he could have fantasized of the actress, to which he promptly responded: “Totally, of course!

A number of press reporters questioned him since after the actress died, he maintained talking about her as if she existed, as well as his response shocked them. “Totally, I have constantly maintained her in mind, always, it’s been 30 years, a very long time,” Rivas discussed.

It was evident that none of her youngsters, neither the interpreter of Y yo sigo aquí, neither her bro Enrique Rubio, attended the mass commemorated by the Marina actress, so Luis described the reasons they had for not attending the mass. his mommy’s Eucharist celebrated in Mexico City.

” They are active with their things, finishing completion of the year, beginning the new year, schools, children, and so on. Every one with our duel, that’s why this year’s end every one strolled by their side. Most of us sustain each other with affection, with goodwill and excellent dreams, “he stated.

María del Perpetuo Socorro Guadalupe Susana Dosamantes Rul Riestra, the late actress’s provided name, died on July 2, 2022 at the age of 74 at Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami, Florida, after fighting pancreatic cancer.

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