Why Lisa Marie Presley Despised Tom Cruise’s Closeness

Why Lisa Marie Presley Despised Tom Cruise's Closeness

After the current loss of the only child of the King of Rock as well as Roll, a series of antecedents regarding the intense life of Lisa Marie Presley have gone back to the here and now. Although that she was characterized as a delighted and also friendly woman, the fact is that she had a solid enmity with a famous Hollywood face.

In an interview she gave to Tony Ortega, the singer confirmed the loathing she really felt towards actor Tom Cruise, due to his partnership, power and also influence within Scientology, a faith that involves vital celebs and also show business individualities.

This church or “spiritual cult” does not admire any divine being, yet instead focuses on the modern-day science of mental health and wellness and also the power of the human being. Lisa Marie witnessed this at the age of 9, after her mother, Priscilla Presley, was hired by John Travolta’s assistant following she was widowed.

By 2014 both left the cult, and Elvis’s daughter gave details concerning her remain within it. In the conversation with the journalist, she assured that the members made the most of her mommy’s weak point after the death of the king of rock & roll to recruit them both and capitalize on her ton of money and condition.

She also admitted that “at the age of 25, after receiving the inheritance, they started to prepare me to be this person that would certainly head out and draw in everyone else”, with Michael Jackson (her ex-husband) being the major target of the religious, whom they did not respect his history as a Jehovah’s Witness.

In spite of having gone through a hard time within the cult, Lisa preserved her friendship with John Travolta. She, however, was never ever able to be on excellent terms with the Top Gun star, whom she admitted to disliking, possibly as a result of her solid activism within the team. Lisa Maria was incredibly rough in the direction of Cruise: “I would never want to be in a space with him again.”

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