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Why is the Upside Down stuck in 1983?

Stranger Things Season 4 proved that the Upside Down was stuck in 1983, and there are few explanations to answer why that would be.

In Stranger Things period 4’s “Chapter Seven: The Massacre at Hawkins Lab,” it was confirmed that the Upside Down was stuck in 1983, and also there are several reasons that. The Upside Down has actually been an essential setup in Stranger Things, working as a mystical alternate dimension alongside the real world. When doors, or “gateways,” have actually opened in between both dimensions, risks from the Upside Down leak into Hawkins, Indiana. At times, humans have been able to investigate the Upside Down, including houses and also framework that mirror Hawkins, albeit in a darker environment covered in spores, roots, and swirling ash-like dirt.

Will Byers was the first individual to spend sufficient time in the Upside Down and make it back to the real world. Though he was later validated to be the brand-new host of the Mind Flayer, it verified that human beings might take a trip throughout the alternating dimension. In Stranger Things season 4, episode 7, “Chapter Seven: The Massacre at Hawkins Lab,” Nancy, Robin, as well as Eddie complied with Steve with the “water entrance,” causing the Upside Down. With the threat of Demobats, Nancy recommended going to the Upside Down version of her home to recover her guns. While there, she found that the weapons concealed in her room weren’t there. This was due to the fact that her weapons hadn’t existed yet, understanding with the diary in her area that the Upside Down was stuck in November 6, 1983.

The day of November 6, 1983, is substantial in Stranger Things’ Upside Down timeline for several reasons. It was the date that Dr. Martin Brenner asked for that Eleven make call with a “monster” with her telekinetic powers. Out of concern, she mistakenly opened up a portal in between her world and the Upside Down, allowing the Demogorgon to travel through. As Eleven escaped Hawkins Lab, Will Byers was also taken by the Demogorgon right into the Upside Down that same day. With Eleven opening up a gate and also the Demogorgon’s activities in Hawkins, this was likely the first time that components from both dimensions blended. The events of the measurements hemorrhaging with each other most likely locked the Upside Down in November 6, 1983, in some kind of endless time loop. Provided, it’s crucial to examine why the Upside Down really did not obtain embeded September 8, 1979, when Henry Creel/Number One was eliminated to the measurement.

Why The Upside Down Isn’t Stuck In 1979

When Eleven taken advantage of her memories to rediscover the entire truth focusing around the bloodbath of Hawkin’s Lab, Vecna’s real identification was disclosed. Henry Creel was “001,” however his powers were suppressed out of worry that he could not be controlled. Henry desired Eleven to join him on his objective to take control of the world, and also when she declined, both faced off in the Rainbow Room. Eleven subdued him, as well as Henry’s body turned to dust before vanishing with a red crack in the wall. The fracture Henry’s dusted body went through was various than the gate Eleven opened in Stranger Things season 1. Whereas that a person was more like a door-like portal humans and beasts might travel via, the entry in 1979 was much more like a home window.

As Henry’s changed body flew with the lightning, exposure and air changed him into Vecna. Interestingly, the surrounding environment looked nothing like Hawkins. The measurement revealed had two mirrored layers covered in mountains and also what looked like lava circulations. This suggests that the Upside Down in Stranger Things wasn’t formed yet in 1979. That means the replication of Hawkins either happened the day Eleven opened up the gate in 1983, or Vecna utilized his powers to duplicate Hawkins but quit that day as his views turned to Eleven.

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