Who bills more: Shakira or Pique? This amounts to the fortune of each

Who bills more Shakira or Pique This amounts to the fortune of each

“Women no longer cry, women bill” is one of the phrases that most caught the attention of the new song by Shakira in collaboration with the Argentine producer Bizarrap that has left her millions in profits, but if you have ever Asked who earns more, if the singer or her ex-partner Gerard Pique, here we are going to tell you. 

Shakira is currently one of the most important Latin artists in the world and that has earned her millions, since it is estimated that she has a fortune of more than $300 million dollars. 

According to Celebrity Net Worth , the Colombian has sold a total of more than 125 million albums around the world and also has other businesses such as the more than 38 perfumes she has launched, also in 2021, Shakira invested in Parade Underwear, a brand of Gen Z-focused underwear and a shareholder in Skinny Dipped Almonds, a female entrepreneurial snack brand founded by Valerie and Breezy Griffith.

In 2008, he signed a $300 million, 10-year deal with Live Nation and sold the rights to at least 145 songs for a net worth of at least $100 million.

On the other hand, Pique has a net worth of $80 million and a salary of $10 million . He is the founder and president of Kosmos Holding, an investment group that signed a $3 billion partnership with the International Tennis Federation, and owns the luxurious residence he shared with Shakira in Barcelona and is worth $5 million. of dollars.

Who bills more?

Shakira is $220 million richer than Pique and, as her song says, she continues to bill since, according to the newspaper Activos, via estrending, with her heartbreak songs I congratulate you, Monotonía and Music Sessions 53, the Colombian star has made around 22 millions of dollars.


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