What is the controversial sect that Anna Ferro has belonged to for years?

What is the controversial sect that Anna Ferro has belonged to for years?

5 months have actually passed since the fatality of the television speaker Fernando del Solar and also his widow Anna Ferro (44) is still in the eye of the cyclone, this moment the yoga teacher was assigned as one of the leaders of a sect via the which would have defrauded the departed Argentine.

The name of the sect came to light after Ingrid Coronado (48) showed up on the Yordi Rosado (51) program where she stated all the ups and downs she suffered when she was next to Fernando del Solar. After an examination it was revealed that the writer was also part of a foundation led worldwide by Rene Mey, a humanist, speaker and benefactor birthed in Grillon, France.

According to info from the main web page of the foundation, its objective is: “To share a message of tranquility and also want to mankind, to form a new course of love, aid and understanding in the direction of others, supporting each other”.

Furthermore, they make it clear that through Emotional Medicine The New Intelligence as well as Deep Meditation seek to “aid individuals with physical and emotional problems, diseases as well as persistent conditions.”

The journalist Poncho Martinez of the From History in History program called several people from the Fundacion Rene Mey sect that indicate Anna Ferro as their leader. The associates reported that Fernando del Solar was among her friends before he died. Each of individuals spoke with admitted to being delighted within the sect since it altered their lives, they were treated magically and described that the vehicle driver did not want to take chemotherapy.

This point of chemotherapies was confirmed a week prior to by Ingrid Coronado throughout the interview with Yordi Rosado. In the journalist’s examination, she likewise advised that the sect is trying to find celebs to scam them.


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Coronado also informed Rosado that the leaders of the foundation: “They inform you that you can heal yourself virtually magically, that you make your mind blank, that you fail to remember whatever as well as it’s ‘you need to follow, you have to obey, everyone they misbehave, provide us your money.

Fernando del Solar died on June 30, 2022 at the age of 49, after contracting pneumonia due to his damaged body immune system after a strong fight versus cancer cells that struck him for a decade. He was wed to Ingrid Coronado from whom he separated after the diagnosis. He was married to Anna Ferro in March of this year.

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