What happened to the lives of Michael Jackson’s brothers after the death of the singer

What happened to the lives of Michael Jackson's brothers after the death of the singer

The Jackson clan was for decades one of the public’s favorite families , a time when they left us hits like “I want you back”  with The Jackson Five, and with iconic collaborations in Michael Jackson’s solo career , like  “Scream” with Janet Jackson, a piece that accumulates more than 147 million views on YouTube alone.

Since the passing of the “King of Pop”, the deep grief he left in show business has been such that many of the superstar’s siblings began to slowly walk away from the cameras and stages . 14 years after the departure of Michael Jackson, this is what is known about those who were at the time the biggest musical phenomena in the industry.

Jackie Jackson 

The 71-year-old composer is the eldest of the male brothers in the Jackson family and since his separation from the rest of his peers, he has ventured into music as a soloist, but without obtaining the expected results. He currently works as a music producer helping new talents to emerge within the industry. He has been a part of important memorial films for his late brother, such as “Michael Jackson: From Motown to Off the Wall” .

Titus Jackson 

The 69-year-old singer, who has shown incredible talent on the guitar, continued on his path as a singer. In 2021 he released a solo album entitled “Under you spell” where he dabbled in rhythms such as jazz and blues. At present he supports his three sons, who formed a band called “3T”, after the initials of his names, Taryll, Taj and TJ.

Jermaine Jackson

The composer has been in the spotlight of the press of late because his son, Jaafar, will play Michael Jackson in the new biopic.  Jermaine has dabbled in rhythms like R & B thanks to his talent with the bass and released singles like “Castles of Sand” . As for his personal life, he had a stormy relationship with Halima Rashid, whom he divorced in 2016 due to “irreconcilable differences.”

Marlon Jackson

The sixth child of the marriage between Joseph and Katherine Jackson  joined his brothers in 2012 to revive The Jackson Five. After a long tour, which went through Latin America, the 65-year-old artist decided to dedicate himself to the music business and tourism. Since then he has resided with his family in Gary, Indiana, to stay close to the remains of the clansmen.

janet jackson

The King of Pop’s younger sister established herself as an R&B icon, something Michael was able to see with his own eyes. Janet was one of the most affected after the loss of her brother, due to the complicity they had. However, she was able to materialize her worth in huge music premieres that earned her the accolade as “Icon Award” at the Billboard Music Awards in 2018.


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