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ViacomCBS Sets 15 Performers For 2022 Showcase

ViacomCBS has unveiled the lineup of the 15 performers put to salvage for its 2022 Showcase. The match, which is ready to all over all all over again scramble virtual, will live gallop on Tuesday, Feb. 8 and Wednesday, Feb. 9 at 1 p.m. PT, 4. p.m. PT and 7 p.m. PT.

Afsheen Misaghi, Allison Reese, Anna Garcia, Anosh Michael McAdam, Austin Antoine, Bri Giger, Carey Cox, Dickie Hearts, Glo Tavarez, Jordan Stafford, Lureena Cornwell, Sahana Srinivasan, Shuang Hu, Sibel Damar and Steve Han will suppose their very appreciate praises their skill within the pre-filmed hour of sketch comedy and comedic music movies. The level to is viewed by senior-level executives, showrunners and casting directors from ViacomCBS properties, as nicely as various networks and streamers, as nicely as to skill brokers and bosses from across the leisure industry.

The performers, who hail from all across the nation, are chosen to take part in a month-lengthy virtual writers’ room sooner than touring to Los Angeles to exhaust section in a three-week shoot on location. After wrapping production, performers encourage various workshops and panels, on issues starting from audition solution to a Q&A with esteemed Showcase alumni. Every performer is additionally paired with government mentors. Earlier Showcase performers maintain long gone on to work on ViacomCBS titles in conjunction with 4400, The Chi, NCIS, Seal Team and Work in Development.

“These 15 multitalented artists, under the management of our distinctive ingenious team, maintain set together fun-out-loud level to that we are contented and proud to portion with the industry and past,” said Claudia Lyon, Executive Vice President, Abilities and Casting, CBS Entertainment, and Dorey Poder, Vice President, Abilities and Casting, CBS Entertainment. “It strikes us to evaluate about your complete time and ingenious vitality they dedicated to this Twelve months’s Showcase, which positive aspects as a platform to enhance their voices and repeat what they are honorable of when given the entry and alternative. We know their ardour and work ethic will lead to gleaming futures, and we look forward to fostering these professional relationships for future years serve.”

This Twelve months’s Showcase iteration became once filmed entirely in Los Angeles reasonably than carried outlast to say the tale stage, for the first time in 17 years. Learn extra about every of the 15 performers under.

Afsheen Misaghi

Discipline of birth: Charleston, W.Va.

Education: M.F.A., theater performing, University of Florida; B.A., theater, West Virginia University

Coaching: Beautiful Citizen’s Brigade (Contemporary York and Los Angeles), The Peoples Improv Theatre

Television: “Similar previous for Now” (Amazon High), FBI: MOST WANTED (CBS)

Stage: “Andy Warhol in Iran” (Barrington Stage), “Threads” (Weathervane), “Shruti Gupta Can Fully Deal” (American Stage Co.)

Digital: “Clear Sketch Tuesday” (PITtv), “Yeah I’m FROM From There” (NYC SOLOCOM), “15 Minutes Uninteresting” (Kickback Originals/YouTube)

Though-provoking fact: I watched “The Oprah Winfrey Repeat” each day from when I became once 9 years weak unless the sequence finale.

Allison Reese

Discipline of birth: Mesa, Ariz.

Coaching: The Second City (Chicago), The Annoyance Theatre, iO (Chicago and West), Beautiful Citizen’s Brigade (Los Angeles)

Television: “Utopia” (Amazon High)

Stage: The Second City Touring Firm (The Second City), NBC Breakout Festival (The Second City), “Characters Welcome” (Squirrel Theatre), “Studio Eleven” (iO), “Whirled News Tonight” (iO), “Your F*cked Up Relationship” (iO), “You Listen to White Of us Song?” (The Annoyance), “Matt Damon Improv” (The Annoyance), “NBC Bob Curry Fellowship” (The Second City), “Dinky one Wine” (The Annoyance), “After Hours” (The Second City), “Instruct off Happy” (The Annoyance)

Digital: “In-Diana” (YouTube), “Centered” (YouTube), “Call Me Ripley” (OTV), Kamala Harris Impersonator (TikTok/Twitter)

Though-provoking fact: For my 16th birthday, I took my pals to a Phoenix Mercury sport and became once come what may perhaps restful closeted.

Anna Garcia

Discipline of birth: Beverly Hills, Mich.

Education: B.A., film, University of Michigan

Coaching: Beautiful Electorate Brigade (Los Angeles)

Television: “Hacks” (HBO Max), “Superstore” (NBC), “The Goldbergs” (ABC), “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” (FX)

Stage: “Mess Corridor” (Beautiful Electorate Brigade Los Angeles), “That Noise” (Williamstown Theatre Festival), “Huzzah!” (Williamstown Theatre Festival)

Digital: “Bookshelf” (Amusing or Die)

Though-provoking fact: I take care of the high ranking for Galaga at the arcade in my hometown. You may perhaps well presumably restful win this very frigid!!!

Anosh Michael McAdam

Discipline of birth: Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Education: B.A., psychology, University of British Columbia

Coaching: Beautiful Citizen’s Brigade (Los Angeles)

Television: “A Dinky Uninteresting w/ Lilly Singh” (NBC)

Film: “Below The Eiffel Tower” (Netflix, 2018)

Digital: “College Humor: Troopers” (YouTube)

Podcast: “Discovering Markus Tronque” (Earwolf)

Though-provoking fact: Co-wrote a 2021 Clear Bowl commercial.

Austin Antoine

Discipline of birth: Laurel, Md.

Education: B.F.A., performing, California Institute of the Arts

Coaching: California Institute of the Arts

Digital: “Summertime – 2021” (Various Film Platforms)

Though-provoking fact: I put the Guinness World File for Longest Freestyle Rap in 2013 (16.5 hours)

Bri Giger

Education: B.F.A., theater arts, University of Arizona;

Coaching: Beautiful Citizen Brigade (Los Angeles), IO West. Beverly Hills Playhouse

Stage: National touring one lady level to, “By MY high Eyes” Beautiful Electorate Brigade (Los Angeles), IO WEST, Dynasty Typewriter, Don’t Repeat Mamma, Chortle Manufacturing facility, The Comedy Store, Contemporary York Comedy Membership ETC.

Though-provoking fact: I maintain a chihuahua named Solange

Carey Cox

Discipline of birth: El Paso, Texas

Education: B.F.A., musical theater, Santa Fe University of Art and Manufacture; M.F.A., performing, UNC Chapel Hill

Coaching: Beautiful Citizen’s Brigade (Contemporary York), Queens Theatre “Theater for All” coaching program

Film: “Woohoo” (A24 movies)

Stage: “The Glass Menagerie” (Broadway), “The Glass Menagerie” (Guthrie Theatre), “Barefoot within the Park” (Queens Theatre), “Hans Christian Andersen” (Nashville Youth’s Theatre), “Three Sisters,” “Sweeney Todd,” “Seminar,” “We’re Proud to Repeat,” “Grief in Suggestions,” “Into the Woods,” “Mary’s Wedding” (Playmakers Repertory Firm)

Digital: “Talented” (Queens Theatre produced web sequence)

Though-provoking fact: I’m additionally a playwright and a visual artist.

Dickie Hearts

Discipline of birth: Newport News, Va.

Education: B.A., video production and deaf research, Gallaudet University

Coaching: Appearing for the Camera with Vincent D’Onofrio, Beautiful Citizen Brigade, Improv 1-4: The Harold (Los Angeles and Contemporary York), Appearing with Jules Dameron

Television: “Tales of the City” (Netflix), “Excessive Repairs” (HBOMax), “Fat Frontal with Samantha Bee” (TBS), “Grace & Frankie” (Netflix)

Stage: “Maple & Vine” (Contemporary York Deaf Theatre), “Stepchild,” (IRT), “My Onliness” (IRT)

Though-provoking fact: In 2017, Hearts gained first situation within the national film competition, AT&T Originate-A-Thon, taking home the extensive prize of $20,000, with the seven-minute horror-comedy immediate that he wrote, directed and co-starred in: “The Deaf VS The Dreary.” This took situation sooner than they’d two deaf characters on AMC’s “The Walking Dreary!”

Glo Tavarez

Discipline of birth: Kissimmee, Fla.

Education: University of Central Florida dropout

Coaching: I trained at Beautiful Electorate Brigade (Contemporary York) for shut to 10 years.

Television: I shot a pilot for Showtime that by no scheme obtained picked up.

Though-provoking fact: Repeat me your label, and I’ll represent you about your self.

Jordan Stafford

Discipline of birth: Detroit, Mich.

Education: B.S., theater/lovely artwork, Saginaw Valley Instruct University

Coaching: The Second City (Chicago), Improv Olympics (Chicago), The Appearing Studio (Chicago)

Stage: “The Second City Touring Firm” (Chicago), “Teen Cudi Presents: Murky Boy Joy” (Comedy Central Stage, LA and The Annoyance Theater, Chicago)

Digital: “Code-Switched Web Sequence” (YouTube), “Improvising Radical Candor” (Second City Works), “Porky Pine” (The Second City, YouTube) “Blue Whales” (Teen Cudi, YouTube), “Peas and Carrots Web Sequence” (YouTube) “Inaugurate Sesame” (YouTube)

Though-provoking fact: I’ve illustrated three young of us’s books.

Lureena Cornwell

Discipline of birth: Pawtucket, R.I.

Education: Jacqueline M Walsh College of the Performing Arts

Coaching: Windfall Improv Guild, iO (Chicago)

Television: “Chicago P.D” (NBC)

Film: “Unplugging” and “The Miseducation of Bindu”

Stage: “Studio Eleven” (iO Chicago) and “Hootie Hoo” (iO Condominium Team)

Digital: “Brothers from the Suburbs” (EL-Network)

Though-provoking fact: Soup connoisseur

Sahana Srinivasan

Discipline of birth: Dallas, Texas

Education: B.S., radio/television/film, The University of Texas at Austin

Coaching: Lesly Kahn, Groundlings, Cathryn Sullivan’s Appearing for Film (Texas)

Credit: Television: “Brainchild” (Netflix), “Horrified” (HBO), “Terror the Walking Dreary” (AMC)

Though-provoking fact: In 2nd grade, I did the climate for my faculty’s morning announcements, and your complete sixth graders asked for my autograph.

Shuang Hu

Discipline of birth: Tianjin, China

Education: Resort management and world business, Griffith University

Coaching: Beautiful Citizen’s Brigade (Los Angeles)

Television: “Ronny Chieng: Global Student” (Comedy Central/ABC Australia), “The Household Law” (NBCUniversal/SBS Australia)

Stage: “John” (Outhouse Theatre)

Digital: “Tales from The Circulate” (Comedy Central), “Asian Superstitions” (WongFu Productions)

Film: “Previous The Reef” (The Steve Jaggi Firm)

Though-provoking fact: I became once born a twin for the length of the one-child policy generation in China, and my mum simply about gave me away to her infertile handiest friend. That’s the put my abandonment considerations advance from.

Sibel Damar

Discipline of birth: Charlotte, N.C.

Education: B.F.A., performing, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Coaching: Beautiful Electorate Brigade Theatre (Contemporary York), The Freeman Studio, The Of us’s Improv Theatre, Magnet Theatre

Television: FBI (CBS) recurring co-superstar

Stage: “Characters Welcome” (Beautiful Electorate Brigade Theatre Contemporary York), “Boogie Manja” (The Peoples Improv Theater), “Grand Ado About Nothing” (Wrong Grooms Theatre), “All’s Effectively That Ends Effectively” (Triad Stage), “Les Liasons Dangereuses” (UNCG), “Peter Pan” (UNCG), “Pride and Prejudice” (UNCG), “Iphigenia 2.0” (UNCG)

Digital: “F**k Fine Guys” (Brooklyn Girls folk’s Film Festival/YouTube), “A Rose for Wally” (YouTube), “Polterheist” (YouTube), “Westworld Knowledge superhighway Experiences” (YouTube), “No longer Sorry” (YouTube), “Killer All the plot in which via the Avenue” (YouTube)

Though-provoking fact: My sense of scent is 5 times stronger than the sensible human. I will look perfectly underwater (sans goggles). I will live to say the tale for weeks within the desolate tract with handiest a knife. Alas, I will by no scheme be ready to fold a fitted sheet.

Steve Han

Discipline of birth: Gainesville, Fla.

Education: B.A., organic sciences, University of Chicago

Coaching: Second City (Chicago), ImprovOlympic (Chicago)

Television: “The Tall Leap” (Fox), “Every little thing’s Trash” (Freeform), “Work In Development” (Showtime), “Single Inebriated Female” (Freeform), “Chicago Med” (NBC)

Stage: “We Are Asian. We Produce Comedy.” (Steppenwolf), “Public Empathy No. 1” (Second City)

Digital: “War On Facebook” (Onion)

Though-provoking fact: One time at Disney World, a kid tried to exhaust a characterize with me because he idea I became once Russell from the movie “Up” (I became once 23 at the time).

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