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UK TV Regulator Ofcom To Investigate Channel 4 Over Subtitling Failure

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UK TV regulator Ofcom is to compare Channel 4 over an prolonged outage to its subtitling, signing and audio description companies final year that left millions unable to appear TV for several weeks.

Following an incident at subtitling provider Pink Bee Media’s facility, the community was with out these companies for spherical two months up till November 19, with “millions, including deaf, appealing-of-listening to, blind and partially-sighted folks” impacted, essentially based on Ofcom.

Channel 4 was not the single community to be impacted however it was the toughest hit, added Ofcom, which has opened the investigation this day after Channel 4 did not fulfill its subtitling quota for the Freesat platform. The investigation will see the encompassing conditions, including the extent to which Channel 4 promoted the consideration of the provision of its procure entry to companies all the plan in which by all its channels and platforms all the plan in which by the period of the outage.

The incident ended in a substantial deal of campaigning from deaf and disabled campaign groups within the UK TV sector, many of whom had been unable to appear TV for weeks.

“Ofcom remains very eager regarding the Pink Bee incident,” acknowledged the regulator.

“It resulted in a lengthy outage to Channel 4’s procure entry to companies provision and additionally wider disruption to its current proclaims on all platforms. A different of diversified broadcasters had been additionally affected, though to a less major stage.”

Ofcom acknowledged this can “utilize the findings of this evaluation to guarantee that that steps are taken to handbook fantastic of future such incidents” and resolve on into consideration whether or no more regulatory action is required.

A Channel 4 spokesman acknowledged: “We apologise for the major affect the Pink Bee Media incident had on our procure entry to companies. Channel 4 would relish to reassure our audiences that we hang thoroughly reviewed the resilience of our methods to guarantee that that this form of catastrophic match can’t hurt our ability to lift these major companies within the damage. Whereas we haven’t met our delight in excessive standards in 2021, we restful delivered all of our overall statutory duties and we are over all all over again offering market-leading procure entry to companies.”

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