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‘Trading Spaces’ Host Paige Davis on What Caused Her 30 Years of Painful Sex

Paige Davis, the host of Trading Spaces, has appropriate printed that for 3 decades, she has experienced intense distress at some level of vaginal sex. “When I actually beget intercourse, I actually feel admire the ring of my vagina is on fireplace,” Davis recommended Of us. “It feels admire any individual went in and build a thousand paper cuts spherical my opening.” The condition on the basis of her distress is rarely for all time one amongst the total ones within the relief of this properly being enviornment, which is one amongst the explanations she’s opening up: to assist assorted ladies hoping to pinpoint why sex feels so painful.

Over time, Davis, now 52, had appointments with a different of quite lots of gynecologists in a mission to seek out out why sex felt the formulation it did, she acknowledged within the outlandish Of us interview printed February 15. “I turn out to be once repeatedly blown off,” Davis acknowledged. “They recommended me to appropriate quiet down.” It turn out to be once easiest last year that she got her diagnosis when she met Meera Kirpekar, M.D., a twin board-certified doctor in anesthesiology and distress medication at NYU Langone Health, who identified her with pudendal neuralgia. In step with Oxford Medicine, pudendal neuralgia is distress in and across the pudendal nerve, which stems from the sacrum (the triangular bone on the spoiled of the spine) and runs via the pelvic space to the urethra, anus, rectum, perineum, and genitalia, carrying principal sensory and motor fibers. The condition is triggered by damage to or dysfunction of the nerve. It has been described as “a debilitating distress syndrome” which is ready to happen in people of all genders. Symptoms might perhaps embody distress, or a tingling and burning sensation within the clitoris, penis, vagina, scrotum, perineum, and rectum. 

In step with research cited by the Nationwide Heart for Biotechnology Recordsdata, pudendal neuralgia is “mostly underdiagnosed” and “inappropriately handled.” The incidence of the condition is 1 per 100,000, nonetheless as a result of frequent misdiagnosis—or because it turn out to be once in Davis’s description, frequent dismissal—the incidence is predicted to be larger. While pudendal neuralgia is moderately rare, nearly three in four ladies beget experienced distress at some level of sex, in line with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). There are a different of causes people with vaginas might perhaps experience distress at some level of sex. These embody vaginal dryness; properly being prerequisites admire endometriosis, vulvodynia, and vaginismus; skin problems admire eczema; congenital problems admire an imperforate hymen; and old sexual trauma, the Mayo Sanatorium says. No topic the principle cause, discovering empathetic clinical enjoy this roughly enviornment will seemingly be exceedingly refined. 

“Paige is an instance of any individual who sought medication nonetheless for a vary of causes turn out to be once grew to alter into away,” Dr. Kirpekar tells Of us. “She’s proof as to why ladies must preserve advocating to be heard and legitimized in their care.” 

Forward of her latest diagnosis, Davis had been concealing her distress for a protracted time as a result of a combination of bewilderment about her condition and straight-up shame. “Who needs to expose a first date, ‘Oh by the formulation, after we beget sex, I will seemingly be in broad distress. Nonetheless that’s wintry, appropriate?'” she acknowledged. For Davis, it grew to alter into a cycle of suppression and playing a phase, asserting she felt “broken” and “no longer traditional” nonetheless light desired to meet a particular sexual role. “We’re taught to be fabulous at sex, that you are imagined to delight your accomplice. I took that to coronary heart and appropriate faked it,” she acknowledged. Even her husband of a quarter of a century, actor Patrick Online page, had no consciousness of what she turn out to be once going via every time they were intimate. “When we were first married he thought that I beloved sex. Bet what? I create no longer—it actually hurts,” Davis acknowledged, along side that she and Online page are now “going via it head-on.” 

With Dr. Kirpekar’s expertise and with time, Davis realized there were a different of the way to treat and put together her rare pelvic condition. She has factored pelvic ground remedy into her bodily routine and also has traditional steroid injections, for example. Davis has also form phrases for those that are combating distress at some level of sex, encouraging them to no longer 2d bet themselves, and to pay serious consideration to how their bodies actually feel. “Intercourse must no longer damage,” she acknowledged. “I’d like ladies who’re older admire me to no longer stop. There might perhaps be hope and it’s most likely you’ll actually feel larger within the event you catch the appropriate specialist. You might perhaps be no longer loopy, it be no longer in your head, it be no longer your fault. It might perhaps recuperate.”


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