Tonka Tomicic, former host of the Vina Festival, announces separation from her arrested husband

Tonka Tomicic, former host of the Vina Festival, announces separation from her arrested husband

The former artist of the Vina Tonka Tomicic Festival reported that she is in the process of dividing from her husband, the antiquarian Marco Antonio Lopez Spagui, additionally known as Parived, involved in an instance of smuggling jewelry and also high-end things.

In conversation with the “Viva la Manana” program, on Channel 13, the television terminal where Tomicic is employed, the design referred to the intricate minute she is going through because of the complaints versus “Parived”, who was arrested for claimed organization immoral, custom-mades contraband and also tax obligation criminal offenses, remaining with national roots.

The former host of the Vina de Mar Festival reported that she was in a phase of separation from her husband. “We had actually been speaking about our past, our present and also wanting to the future for some time. As well as a long time ago we had actually been discussing the option of dividing our paths,” the vehicle driver reported.

Tomicic stressed that the decision to separate” has nothing to do with this (her husband’s lawful instance); it’s a circumstantial point, the time was given, the moments matched. One does not end a connection from someday to the next. We we determined to divide our lives.”

” It’s difficult, it’s a life time, but I’m calm, wanting to turn the page, to take a breath and also to answer for my very own activities,” claimed Tonka, that also preserved that “I do not intend to throw my work overboard.” included the communicator, who throughout the past decade was the most vital women figure on Chilean television.

The former host of the Vina del Mar Song Festival has actually not referred to the emotions she experienced when the police reached her residence for the search, at which time she was alone. “I am not being explored, there is absolutely nothing against me They took my things, a bracelet from my grandma, the ring that I won when I left Miss Chile, a watch of mine, a gift that is properly educated”

Regarding Parived’s judicial circumstance, Tonka limited herself to saying that she thinks that he is innocent, due to the fact that he has told her so. She did not dive into the case.” I told him what had occurred (the cops raid) as well as one of the most vital thing was that he needed to collaborate with his lawyers due to the fact that he needed to appear in court.”

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