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This New Daily Exfoliating Peel Is a Powerful Way to Keep Maskne at Bay

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As face masks continue to be a part of our lives, so too does maskne. But a new powerful exfoliating peel from Murad has just the right ingredients to keep skin feeling fresh and clear.

The new Murad Daily Clarifying Peel is formulated with what the brand calls a “clinically validated trifecta” of ingredients that can help exfoliate the skin. That combination includes some familiar names—salicylic acid and glycolic acid—as well as retinyl propionate, a lesser-known retinoid. (Exfoliating is one part of a simple skin-care routine that experts recommend for tackling mask-related acne.) 

The glycolic acid provides overall exfoliation while salicylic acid is particularly great at clearing acne because it can get deeper into the pores to remove excess dirt, dead skin, and oils. Both are dermatologist-recommended ingredients to help fight pimples and brighten dull skin over time. 

Then comes the retinyl propionate, a retinoid that’s not super common in skin-care products these days. But there is some limited evidence suggesting it can help minimize signs of aging, especially when used alongside niacinamide and peptides. Technically, it’s what’s known as a retinol ester, meaning it’s a few chemical steps away from more hard-hitting retinoids like retinol and tretinoin. Retinol esters tend to be less potent and less irritating than those other retinoids, meaning the new Murad exfoliating peel is likely mild enough to be used several times a week or even daily. 

Murad recommends this product for people with oily, combination, dry, and balanced skin. But experts typically recommend introducing a new exfoliating or retinoid product slowly, particularly for those with dry or sensitive skin. Start with just two to three days a week to see how your skin reacts. After two weeks or so, you can start using it more or less frequently depending on how well your skin tolerates the product. 

Take extra care if you’re using this product with any other exfoliating products, including the brand’s Acne Control Clarifying Cleanser, which also contains salicylic acid. If you use too many potentially irritating products on top of each other, that irritation becomes even more likely. And, of course, don’t skimp on sun protection

Murad Daily Clarifying Peel

A daily treatment that contains salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and a mild retinoid to help prevent and clear acne.


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