This is what Anne Jakrajutatip, the owner of Miss Universe, looked like before her gender change

This is what Anne Jakrajutatip, the owner of Miss Universe, looked like before her gender change

Attracting worldwide media attention for coming to be the first woman to have the Miss Universe company, Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip, the successful Thai businesswoman as well as lobbyist speak about her past as well as admits that she really feels very happy to be a transgender woman.

On January 14, the charm pageant ceremony was held in which R’Bonney Gabriel, agent of the United States, became Miss Universe 2022, this being the very first event in which Anne debuted as the owner and that she made use of to welcome the audience to be pleased with that they are, similarly that she is proud to be a trans woman.

Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip is one of the 10 richest and most influential transgender ladies in the world, according to Forbes, and makes sure that a person of the reasons she chose to pay 20 million dollars for Miss Universe is since it is a platform that she guarantees can bring her message of support for the LGBTQ+ area to everybody. “It is an universal platform. I can become the goal for many individuals, especially females in the LGBTQ+ community, to make sure that they can change themselves.”

Anne, without much problem, tells that before her gender change, her name was Andrew and also she resided in among the most prominent neighborhoods in Thailand. When she was a child she was uncomfortable with her gender and figured out to embrace the identity she desired, she started her transition. “I was just five years of ages and I already really felt actually awkward in my very own skin, I was trapped in my own body,” she has stated in several meetings.

In spite of the problems of her process, Anne has utilized her power to sustain others by developing the Life Inspired For Transsexual Foundation (LIFT) inspiring with her tale while additionally being a director of JKN Global Media Public Limited, a conglomerate of business, owner of Miss Universe and mother of 2 kids.

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