They discover Pique watching Shakira’s Instagram inside a plane; Clara Chia did not notice

They discover Pique watching Shakira's Instagram inside a plane; Clara Chia did not notice

Gerard Pique (35) starred in an uncommon minute while taking a trip with Clara Chia Marti (23) on their way to Prague. For unidentified factors, the previous football player sat away from his sweetheart et cetera of the passengers on the plane found him checking out Shakira’s Instagram profile, creating the awe of those existing.

According to the Spanish program Socialite, the ex-partner of the Monotonia interpreter as well as the young press agent got to the flight terminal after 11 in the early morning on Thursday to board an aircraft bound for Prague. Among the passengers on the flight specified that the couple was seen chatting calmly until the minute they had to occupy their seats. Both remained in different areas.


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One of the tourists who shared the plane with the couple revealed that prior to removing, the former FC Barcelona footballer was captured looking at Shakira’s profile on Instagram, which triggered the surprise of those that were resting beside Pique. “The entire plane was commenting on what we were seeing, it was unique,” a witness said.

Another tourist discussed that Clara Chia was “in the seat alongside the aisle” which Milan as well as Sasha’s papa was resting “beyond, considering Shakira’s Instagram.” The tourist stopped for a minute during her story as a result of the laughter that the circumstance generated in her. “It’s just … it’s funny,” the resource confessed.

It is not recognized if the fact of inhabiting different seats was the product of buying low-priced trip tickets at the last minute or if there are problems between them and they are distancing themselves. The witnesses that traveled with them assured that, after showing up in the resources of the Czech Republic, the couple went down via various locations which “every one went their own means.”

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