The unknown story of Peter Polo, the adoptive son of Dr. Polo

The unknown story of Peter Polo, the adoptive son of Dr. Polo

Throughout her extensive career as a television presenter, Cuban lawyer Ana María Polo has kept her personal life completely secret. Although she as a rule avoids addressing family issues in her interviews, the famous judge has shared some details of her son Peter Polo, a young man whom the television personality adopted  and who became her only offspring.

The former host of Caso Cerrado , an extinct program broadcast between 2001 and 2019 based on the resolution of personal conflicts, is known for keeping any detail of her family relationship secret, however, in 2016 while talking with the program Suelta la sopa , Polo revealed that she became a mother after a sad story.

When asked if she was interested in becoming a mother, the lawyer revealed that this was an issue that had been overcome. “I raised a boy who is 36 years old today, he is married, he is happy, we talk to each other,” she said of the man who is now around 42 years old.

Dr. Polo met the young man after going through a difficult personal moment . After marrying what she describes as the love of her life, she suffered the loss of a pregnancy due to a miscarriage.

After separating, the lawyer met a boy named Peter who she later raised as a real son. “My contribution to his life was beautiful. I consider him a son and he a mother to me,” said Ana María Polo, without going into details about the man who studied International Business and maintains a successful career away from the spotlight.

Despite not sharing images with her son, Dr. Polo became a grandmother and she does not resist sharing photos with her granddaughter. The girl named Cossete, Peter’s daughter, stars in constant posts by the lawyer on her Instagram account. Through her social networks, the former television host confessed that there are few things she enjoys more than sharing her free time with the girl.


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