The treatment that Shakira had undergone to have a girl with Pique

The treatment that Shakira had undergone to have a girl with Pique

Although that today each one lives his life by his side, a few years ago Shakira and Gerard Pique was just one of the most renowned couples in the world and also although they already had their two youngsters Milan and Sasha, they wanted to satisfy the imagine having a girl.

Just recently, a meeting for a Spanish media electrical outlet reappeared in which she expressed her wish to have a daughter, a desire that to date she has actually not been able to fulfill.

It was El Nacional, who indicated that she wanted to be expectant once again: “It will certainly be a gift for Milan to have a bro. I want to have a girl one day, but we’ll see, you never ever understand what’s going to occur. For the moment I am happy due to the fact that I also love children”.

According to the paper, Shakira was two years ago in a fertility center under the pseudonym Sila Prieto to get expecting with a female child, yet clearly it did not work.

” Being a mommy again is something that Shakira has actually not ruled out, she would certainly be thrilled, although she recognizes that the opportunities are minimized as well as now without a companion a lot more. If she discovered the right individual, she would not rule it out, “said a resource near to the Colombian to the newspaper El Nacional.

Exactly how can you choose the gender of an infant?

It is known that there is an Assisted Reproduction treatment called Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) in which the lady’s ovaries are gently promoted, and also at the time of ovulation introduce the processed sperm right into the uterus in which it was formerly different sperm with chromosomes for boys or women.

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