The special treatment that Queen Elizabeth II’s corgis receive at Christmas

The special treatment that Queen Elizabeth II's corgis receive at Christmas

Besides customs like the Sandringham Banquet and also considering diners on ranges after lunch, Queen Elizabeth likewise had special treats for her beloved corgis.

The sovereign constantly made sure that her precious corgis received as special treatment as the guests at the Norfolk estate.

Previous royal cook Darren McGrady stated that Elizabeth II’s pet dogs were typically given the best neighborhood produce, even those utilized in human recipes.

Darren created: “There were 12 corgis when I was a cook and also to this particular day they still have individual food selections that generally see a rotation of fresh rabbit, beef or hen with rice and also veggies. ”

The cook added an anecdote. The pets had officials who supervised of feeding as well as taking care of them. “We would jokingly describe the officials in charge of the pet dogs, who were both named Paul, as ‘Doggy One’ as well as ‘Doggy Two'”.

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