The real reason why Humberto Zurita and Stephanie Salas revealed their romance

The real reason why Humberto Zurita and Stephanie Salas revealed their romance

Humberto Zurita and Stephanie Salas carried out their courtship in a very private and almost secret way for the public and especially for the media, since they had been dating for several months and it was not until recently that they decided to talk of their relationship and show how much they love each other on social networks.

Now that the actors are shouting their love to the four winds, they don’t mind making statements on their Instagram accounts either, in addition to the fact that both have already spent a vacation together in the Dominican Republic in the company of Michelle Salas, daughter of the actress and singer, and whose father It’s Luis Miguel.

The reason why Humberto Zurita and Stephanie Salas made their romance public

Although the couple spoke publicly about their relationship , they could have kept their romance a secret for much longer, despite the many rumors surrounding them and the leaking of their romantic escapades to unknown destinations, but they decided to do it for a strong reason.

“ Because people asked for it, our relationship was already rumored . We wanted to keep a very low profile for different reasons, I come from a three-year duel, we didn’t want to make unnecessary noise.

“Also out of respect for Stephanie in the sense that you never know what people will say and we let things happen as they should …”, said the actor in an interview for the De Primera Mano program.

The actor visited the broadcast to promote the play Papito querido , which will begin a tour of various cities in Mexico, and also shares credits with his partner, who also belongs to the Pinal Dynasty. There he revealed that he is very happy with the response his fans had to his new romance.

“Fortunately I don’t have bad comments and I am deeply grateful to the public, a great affection from the public towards my family, not just towards me, towards Christian , towards my children… And then now things started to come out, Stephanie uploaded a photo and I I also uploaded it and the truth is that the comments are very good…”, he indicated.

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