The queen who went from living in a dump to aspiring to the crown of Miss Universe

The queen who went from living in a dump to aspiring to the crown of Miss Universe

On January 14, the grand ending of Miss Universe 2022 will certainly happen and also, as in each version of the most prominent beauty contest on the planet, models with inspiring tales come to complete. Among them is that of Anna Sueangam-iam, an agent of Thailand who went from residing in a dump to being among the favorites to win the crown.

The prospect, birthed in December 1998 in Bangkok, revealed in a seminar with the worldwide media just how tough her childhood was. A few days prior to getting to the final of the competition that this year will be kept in New Orleans, the design shared a story that drags thousands of defamatory comments and also nicknames in bad taste such as “Miss Garbage”.

Anna, who finished with honors from Kasetart University in Administration and Tourism, revealed in a recent interview with global media that she grew up in a different place than many children: “I am an individual who matured in a garbage dump,” the girl confessed, to the disbelief of those present.

According to worldwide media, the moms and dads of Miss Thailand 2022 worked accumulating waste for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, so it was a common circumstance for the present model to stroll, consume and play in the dump with her moms and dads, who They also had a poor monetary circumstance, so, according to the version, they needed to collect toys for their kids to play due to the fact that they did not have enough to purchase brand-new ones.


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Developed into a model and also among the favorites to win the contest, Anna Sueangam-iam has actually expressed her wish to assist youngsters in a vulnerable circumstance if she manages to win first place in Miss Universe 2022. She confesses that it is a truth that she recognizes really carefully, since she recognizes what low-income people experience everyday.

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