The problems Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck face for being the same sign

The problems Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck face for being the same sign

It took 20 years for Jennifer Lopez as well as Ben Affleck to meet again, the couple restored their love and got married this year, however despite the fact that the singer is very much in love with the star, they often have disagreements by just how they see things and astrology could have the answer to their problems.

JLo was born upon July 24 and Ben on August 15, so they are both Leos, according to the zodiac signs. The aspect of the sign is fire, so both have an extremely solid character that leads them to suggest and reveal that is leading. Sources close to the couple have indicated that the interpreter of” On the Floor” is fed up with Ben’s routines; nonetheless, he rejects to transform his way of life.

People that are of the Leo sign are identified by being sure of oneself, dominant, innovative and open. On top of that, JLo and also the star have in common to be solid individuals and also with total freedom since they do not depend on anyone to beam. But it is their vanity, self-centeredness and arrogance that leads them to distance themselves.

Compatibility between Jennifer Lopez and also Ben Affleck

Being both of the Leo sign, they share respect as one of their main values, which leads them to be very compatible in several locations of life. If both work together on their objectives, they will continue to take pleasure in each other, nonetheless, the hard point is that they define as well as concur what their objective is. Or else, they will certainly lose themselves defending power over each other and it will end the partnership.

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