The powerful reason why JLo does not trust Nadia Ferreira as her children’s stepmother

The powerful reason why JLo does not trust Nadia Ferreira as her children's stepmother

Last Saturday, Nadia Ferreira and also Marc Anthony commemorated their wedding event surrounded by their family members and also closest close friends, however there were two major absentees: the children she had with JLo, Max as well as Emme. The version of her lack is that by the vocalist’s choice, because she does not trust the design as a stepmother of her children.

There has been much supposition concerning the relationship that the salsa vocalist has with his children, specifically with those he had with the “Diva del Bronx”, considering that they are hardly ever seen living with each other. It has emerged that they have a more powerful bond with Ben Affleck.

According to sources near to JLo’s family, the relationship has been fractured considering that Marc Anthony obtained engaged to Nadia Ferreira. Jennifer Lopez takes into consideration that he did not take the time to learn more about her well and that every little thing was really rushed, in addition to the fact that she is 33 years more youthful than him. The musician takes into consideration that she does not have the maturation to be a stepmother of her children.

A person near to JLo told the Suggest website that she rages with the salsa vocalist, however not out of jealousy but because she is concerned regarding the stability of the twins.

“Jen is not happy with Marc right now, she just doesn’t recognize his inspirations and also doesn’t trust Nadia to be around her children,” the expert said.

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