The plants and flowers that will give prosperity in the Chinese New Year

The plants and flowers that will give prosperity in the Chinese New Year

The arrival of a new year brings the opportunity of restoring energy, which is why the arrival of the Year of the Rabbit on Sunday, January 22, will be an one-of-a-kind chance to make use of good fortune. According to Feng Shui experts, putting some plants and flowers in the home or office will enable positive powers to enter our lives with the arrival of the new cycle.

Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year, will be commemorated on the penultimate Sunday of January and the pet that represents it this year represents poise, charm, calm, prosperity, peace and patience. Discover listed below the plants that will help you make use of all the advantages of the bunny.


Feng Shui makes sure that bamboo stands for prosperity, wide range and happiness, so it is a good suggestion to have a plant in the home or office. Four-stemmed plants ought to be avoided. Due to their phonetic similarity to the word “death”, in Asia they are not related to with confidence.

money tree

Plectranthus verticillatus, commonly known as the money plant, will likewise attract good luck on Chinese New Year. In order for it to meet its purpose, it needs to be located in the southeast part of the house. Popular belief states that individuals that have this varieties will never go through monetary issues.

flamingo blossom

Feng Shui professionals say that the flamingo or anthurium flower represents friendliness and style, so having a duplicate of this plant belonging to Colombia and Ecuador will aid bring lot of money to our houses.


There is a belief that those who maintain a branch of this aromatic herb in their pocketbook will have the ability to attract money. The impact will alter and help its residents to keep bad power away if one of these plants is situated outside the residence.

Chinese increased


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If you intend to go into the Year of the Rabbit with improvements crazy and beauty, Feng Shui experts suggest looking after a sampling of Chinese increased, also called a poppy. If there is currently one, this plant will aid to discover a companion and continue on a prosperous path in the sentimental field.

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