The passionate kiss of Aylin Mujica and Arturo Carmona sparks speculation

The passionate kiss of Aylín Mujica and Arturo Carmona sparks speculation

The new season of La Casa de los Famosos 3 has just begun and everything seems to indicate that there is a lot of passion in reality, since Aylin Mujica and Arturo Carmona starred in a very hot moment when they kissed. 

Very much on the theme of the program, which is to give something to talk about, it seems that chemistry is emerging between the Cuban presenter and the actor or perhaps it is part of a strategy , since they were seen very together during one day of the program.

It all started when Dania Méndez was the one who asked Aylin Mujica to kiss : “I would like you, like the great actress you are, to give Carmona a little kiss on the mouth.”

When challenged, the actress also did not hesitate to put breath spray in her mouth and kissed Carmona , who did not resist and received Mujica’s kiss very well. 

At first they kissed timidly, but before the cheers and shouts of their companions, the temperature rose and they kissed passionately, some even rated them a 10.

So far it is not known if they were only carried away by Dania’s challenge or if feelings have arisen between the two , since some viewers point out that it could be the new reality couple.


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