The painful processes that Kanye West’s wife took to look like Kim Kardashian

The painful processes that Kanye West's wife took to look like Kim Kardashian

A few days ago, Kanye West appeared and surprised his followers by allegedly having married the designer Bianca Censori who bears an impressive physical and style resemblance to Kim Kardashian  ex of the rapper.

According to various international media, Censori has been an employee at the rapper ‘s fashion company since November 2020 , she also has her own jewelry brand and lives between Los Angeles and Melbourne. A close friend of Censori revealed to the Daily Mail the aesthetic procedures she has undergone , with which she has achieved a great resemblance to the former of the also businessman.

“ His nose is different, his face is different. His butt is different. The only thing that is not different, I would say, are her breasts. Her breasts appeared early, around the age of seven,” the woman identified as Lucy told Nova FM ‘s Fitzy & Wippa in an interview.

The surgeries he would have undergone , according to experts, are: rhinoplasty, bichetomy , buttock augmentation, hyaluronic acid, botox. The informant assures that despite the fact that they have not lived together for a long time, she remembers her fondly : “She was charming. She was always, you know, giving them all the time of the day. She was definitely in the popular group, she would say that she was definitely her like the sexiest of the year.”

Lucy indicated that she doesn’t think the relationship with Ye will last: “I don’t think it’s going to last with Kanye, no. She’s very close to her family, who have always been fairly private people. So the fact that Bianca married someone so high profile must have taken them by surprise.”


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