The magical presence of Lionel Messi’s children on the way to the World Cup title

The magical presence of Lionel Messi's children on the way to the World Cup title

Along with soccer, Lionel Messi’s enthusiasm is his family, because the Argentine idolizer makes use of every instance to show his better half Antonela Roccuzzo, who has actually been with the professional athlete because the beginning of his profession and also with whom He created a family that currently has three children: Thiago, Mateo and also Ciro.

In this World Cup that consecrated Messi as one of the most effective professional athletes in history, his household played a fundamental duty. The group existed at each of the suits, almost like a cabal, sustaining him from the stands and also sharing images favoring the Argentina team.

Leo Messi’s children were not just existing at the suits, as they additionally revealed their support for the “10” of the Albicelestes off the pitch. Although the football player was in a moment of extreme focus, he put in the time to get to know a little concerning Doha with his household From him.

Even before the World Cup started, Antonela Roccuzzo shared pictures of her children preparing to go support their father in Qatar.


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The winning message from among Messi’s sons

The eldest of the boys, Thiago, was also the one that sent him a letter in his very own handwriting hours prior to his daddy played the grand final against France. The message was made public when Antonela posted it to her Instagram account.

Thiago required to paper the quasi-anthem that the Argentine group and also fans sang throughout the World Cup. “In Argentina I was born, land of Diego and Lionel, of the youngsters from Malvinas that I will certainly always remember. I can not discuss it to you because you won’t recognize the finals we lost for the number of years I cried for them, however that ended because in the Maracana the final with the brazucas was won again by dad. Young boy, now we are delighted again, I intend to win the third, I wish to be world champ and we can see Diego from paradise with Don Diego and La Tota encouraging Lionel “, you can check out in the letter.

After Argentina’s triumph, the household collected inside the pitch to begin the event, where the little ones were able to lift the prize that Messi had been waiting on so long, and they took home a keepsake of the pitch.

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