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‘The Lunar Chronicles’: Locksmith Animation Options Marissa Meyer’s New York Times Bestselling Novel Series For Film

Locksmith Animation (Ron’s Long past Unhealthy) has optioned Marissa Meyer’s New York Times bestselling recent series The Lunar Chronicles for movie, the London-based fully mostly CG animation producer announced this day.

The series printed by Feiwel & Chums is produced from titles along side Cinder (2012), Scarlet (2013), Cress (2014) and Icy climate (2015), which reimagine the reports of traditional fairy story heroines.

Locksmith Animation

The books are predicament in a futuristic world, beset by a plague, where Earth and its pale colony Luna exist in a perpetual state of unrest and stress. Within the first e book, Cinder, a teenage cyborg of the an identical name (modeled after Cinderella) deals along with her corrupt step-mom, finds like and discovers secrets and ways about herself. As the series continues, she forges an alliance with spaceship pilot, Scarlet; imprisoned computer hacker, Cress; and the Lunar princess, Icy climate. Alongside with a various crew that involves a soldier, a felony and a royal guard, they have to work together to come up in opposition to the spoiled Queen Levana to assign the nation and possibly even the area.

“We are colossal Marissa Meyer followers and cannot wait to bring Cinder, Scarlett, Cress and Icy climate to a world viewers through the expertise of our phenomenal group,” acknowledged Locksmith Animation CEO Natalie Fischer.  “This unforgettable series has garnered colossal praise and repute and we are determined to give this topic cloth the treatment it deserves.”

“At Locksmith, we are continuously shopping for topic cloth that can present viewers a up to date and legitimate perspective,” acknowledged Co-Founder and President of Production Julie Lockhart, who was as soon as also a producer on the Locksmith pic Ron’s Long past Unhealthy. “Marissa’s books successfully flip properly acknowledged fairy tales into an myth, stylish saga that will be participating and connected to this day’s audiences. We can also now not be extra overjoyed about participating along with her on bringing her imaginative and prescient to lifestyles through animation.”

Feiwel & Chums

“I am fully overjoyed to be working with the group at Locksmith to adapt The Lunar Chronicles for the display cloak cloak,” added Meyer. “All individuals has confirmed so grand enthusiasm for these books and characters, and hearing about Locksmith’s imaginative and prescient for the mission offers me the finest extra or much less chills. I am as fervent as readers are to search round Cinder, Prince Kai, and the leisure of the Rampion Crew introduced to lifestyles with stunning animation, and fairly a great deal of like!”

Meyer has also penned such titles as Heartless and The Renegades Trilogy, as properly because the graphic recent duology Wires and Nerve. Other than her writing, she’s finest acknowledged because the host of podcast The Cheerful Author. She holds a BA in Ingenious Writing from Pacific Lutheran College and an MA in Publishing from Fade College.

Locksmith Animation’s debut movie Ron’s Long past Unhealthy, from directors Sarah Smith (Arthur Christmas) and Jean-Philippe Vine (Inner Out), was as soon as launched by 20th Century Studios and Disney on October 22, subsequently making the BAFTA Long List in the Most engrossing Animated Movie class and landing two Annie Award noms. The movie penned by Smith and Pete Baynham is for the time being on hand for streaming on Disney , HBO Max and a unfold of other digital platforms.

Locksmith is for the time being in manufacturing on That Christmas, a holiday movie in retaining with the young of us’s e book series by filmmaker Richard Curtis, and will be growing an unusual musical comedy that has been predicament up at Warner Bros. Photographs.

Meyer was as soon as represented in the deal for The Lunar Chronicles by CAA in association with Jill Grinberg Literary Management.

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