The life of the queen who grew up in a dump took an unexpected turn after Miss Universe

The life of the queen who grew up in a dump took an unexpected turn after Miss Universe

The latest version of Miss Universe changed the lives of several queens, including Anna Sueangam-iam , Thailand’s representative in the beauty pageant. Despite not keeping the crown, the young woman managed to capture the interest of the world with the story of her difficult childhood. After her participation in the contest, the model took a turn in her life that she herself did not expect.

After the triumph of R’Bonney Gabriel, US representative, in the renowned beauty pageant, the young Administration and Tourism graduate returned to Bangkok with the sadness of not having been able to obtain the crown, but with the satisfaction of having conveyed her inspiring history from New Orleans to the rest of the planet.

Shortly before the start of the contest, the Thai participant confessed details of the complex childhood she lived and revealed that she grew up playing in a Bangkok garbage dump , since her parents work collecting waste for the city’s Metropolitan Administration. Her family history, she assured, led her to be the victim of humiliating comments and insulting labels such as “Miss Garbage.”

Since her return home , Anna Sueangam-iam has begun to reveal through her social networks some of her plans to continue her career. Among them, fulfilling her dream of becoming a singer. On her Instagram page, the model was seen in a recording studio preparing her recording debut. The image of her was commented on by the current Miss Universe, who through heart emojis gave her support from a distance.

Last weekend, the Queen of Thailand participated in a new year event in Bangkok and performed for the first time as a singer. “Singing is something that a normal person does not dare to dream of,” she commented in the video that she posted on her social media. Hours later, Anna shared a picture before going on stage referring to the new challenge: “Playing the role of a singing girl,” she wrote without disclosing the date of her next release.


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