The latest photographs of Andrea Escalona with her pregnancy of several months

The latest photographs of Andrea Escalona with her pregnancy of several months

Andrea Escalona disclosed at the end of June that she would certainly come to be a mom for the very first time and also a couple of weeks after meeting her infant, the host of Hoy assessed present parenthood and also was sincere with her thousands of followers regarding whether she will be making the decisions right, and also a lot more when the chance was presented to have someone to assist her with the upbringing of her newborn, although this has actually brought her questions.

“For a few days I was asking the universe for aid for the baby, speaking to a pal she told me that she might offer me her nanny to aid me the initial few weeks, the concept seemed fantastic to me, at evening with sleeping disorders I questioned myself. Could it be that if I allow them help me I will not be an excellent mama?

Without seeing myself in my mom’s eyes, I look for that approval and the incorrect concept of perfection in which I regularly compare myself as if I were accepted; Who is better the one that offers milk or the formula? The one who can alone or needs assistance? … In motherhood every little thing modifications yet it is vital to me to proceed being you in this new variation, I’m sure we all want to give our ideal however not for that factor allow’s leave our significance aside let’s uncover ourselves in this brand-new variation with what feels good for us, our body and also process, if “I’m fine my child will be great” exactly how are you living this stage?

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