The late Yoon Jeong-hee died in France today. Memorial Mass held in Korea

The late Yoon Jeong-hee died in France today. Memorial Mass held in Korea

The late actor Jung-Hee Yoon goes to rest on the 30th (local time in France).

The bereaved family held a funeral at a cathedral near Paris, France, and laid the remains of the deceased in Vincennes Cemetery.

The funeral will be held as a family funeral, and will be attended by her family and close acquaintances living in France, including Yoon Jeong-hee’s spouse, pianist Paik Kun-woo, and her daughter Baek Jin-hee.

Earlier that morning, in accordance with the wishes of some of the bereaved families residing in Korea, a memorial mass was held at Yeouido-dong Cathedral in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul to commemorate the deceased. This cathedral was a place that Yoon Jeong-hee visited every time he came to Korea during his lifetime.

The Mass was dedicated for 10 believers, including Yoon Jung-hee, with about 70 believers present.

Prior to starting the Mass, Senior Father Kyung-soo Joo Sebastiano said, “You must have had a lot of trouble with Alzheimer’s in your later years, so please pray for the deceased.”

At the end of the mass, he explained, “If I had lived in Korea, I would have prepared a lot for the funeral mass, but now there are only about two family members who can come to the mass, so I decided to offer the Yeonmisa (Memorial Mass) in an informal way.” .

Referring to the photo the deceased took with his daughter, Priest Father Ju said, “I could feel what kind of life he lived throughout his life. I even felt like the Blessed Mother,” he recalled.

Then he said, “I think he was not the one who ran all the way like the Apostle Paul said.”

The memorial mass for Yoon Jeong-hee will be held over three days from this day to the 1st of next month. The bereaved family did not attend the mass on this day, but they plan to offer the mass for two days from the 31st.

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