The incendiary comment of the trans owner of Miss Universe towards one of the participants

The incendiary comment of the trans owner of Miss Universe towards one of the participants

Given that Anne Jakrajutatip became the new owner of Miss Universe, she revealed that she would make changes that have actually made her be in the eye of the cyclone, she has additionally been involved in controversy due to the remarks she has made both on her social media networks and on interviews that he has offered as the recent objection of among the prospects for the beauty contest.

After the Thai bought the organization of the contest in October, she ensured that she would certainly make transgressive modifications given that there are many stigmas which she wanted to entirely change the entire system so that there is more and also better representation, however, the comment towards among the participants was severely criticized as it goes against every little thing he has taught.

According to some of her followers, while the Thai teaches inclusion, equal rights, compassion and the empowerment of women, she slammed the figure of among the Misses who will certainly look for the crown in the coming months, which many slammed considering that it goes Contrary to what she wished to confirm.

The comment had to do with the image of one of the Miss Universe participants since a customer shown to Jakrajutatip a picture of Gabriella Gonthier, Miss Seychelles, asking her what she thought about the make-up made by the brand that funds the Miss Universe contest in your edit.

Her reaction was thought about inclusive or unkind: “She could be prettier than that, right?” Provided the objection, the comment was erased by Anne and also she said what she said, making certain that the objection was for the team and also not the participant: “Today, I only criticized them, yet the team claimed they were active … a lot of individuals came. to aid all model.”

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