The highest paid Hollywood celebrities in 2022

The highest paid Hollywood celebrities in 2022

Stars who function within the Hollywood industry generally have huge earnings depending upon the sort of movies in which they get involved, in addition to the number of manufacturings made. This 2022 was marked by excellent premieres, which helped enhance the fortunes of celebrities; however, these amounts received show the terrific wage inequality between males and females within Hollywood.

The highest paid actor of the year was Tom Cruise, who after the best of Top Gun: Maverick obtained the unbelievable amount of 100 million dollars. Although initially the interpreter obtained 13 million for his job, after the excellent success of the movie his raise significantly.

The following on the list is Will Smith, despite the fact that it was not a great year for the actor in regards to his appeal, his engagement in the movie Emancipation has been extremely praised and the production is being a ticket office success, which assisted him make 35 million bucks, coming to be the 2nd highest paid star of the year.

Leonardo DiCaprio was entrusted the 3rd location of the highest paid actors having actually received 30 million dollars for his engagement in the Martin Scorsese film, Killers of the Flower Moon. The production has actually not yet been released, it has high assumptions due to the track record of the supervisor and also his protagonists.

Concerning the highest paid actresses of 2022, leading the checklist is Margot Robbie, who made 12.5 million dollars for her participation in the motion picture Barbie, the one in which she stars with Ryan Gosling and which is expected to be launched in July of the following year.


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Sandra Bullock takes second location amongst the highest-paid women in Hollywood this year. The actress herself took part in the film The Lost City, in which she collaborated with wonderful stars and also allowed her to obtain 10 million bucks for her duty in the movie.

The 3rd highest paid actress of the year was Zendaya, the young interpreter is undergoing an excellent moment in her profession, considering that she has gained the regard as well as affection of the excellent home entertainment manufacturers. Her engagement in the upcoming motion picture Challengers earned the previous Disney lady $10 million.

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