The five controversies that involved the Guzman Pinal this 2022

The five controversies that involved the Guzman Pinal this 2022

The scandal carefully complies with the Guzman-Pinal family, every year this empire provides a great deal to talk about and also makes the covers of one of the most tabloid newspapers as well as magazines on the planet of home entertainment. Right here we tell you what were the five rumors that ended up being a pattern on social media networks.

Frida Sofia (30 ), daughter of Alejandra Guzman (54 ), informed throughout a meeting with Gustavo Adolfo that her grandpa, Don Enrique Guzman (79) not only abused her when she was a kid, but additionally owes a number of lives. The claimed misuse that the vocalist also endured is a topic from last year, this 2022 he was motivated to state that the patriarch of the Guzman “owes a couple of lives”, a statement that was not rejected by the singer, but favored to say that his granddaughter “has something broken.”

The initial starlet has also stated that she “likes Frida extremely a lot” and that she counts on her for whatever she needs. Motion of complicity last year the young businesswoman said thanks to with an “I like you”.

A sound came to the newsroom of a national flow magazine where the businesswoman can be listened to stating that her child’s daddy is “an aggressive”, in addition to guaranteeing that her partner’s family members “are abusers “. After this discovery, the pair separated, whatever was stated and prior to the end of the year they gave each other a second chance.

The one who was not spared from the conflict either was Alejandra Guzman, the vocalist faced an additional year separated from her little girl Frida Sofia because of the statements of abuse she provided against her grandpa, she also needed to quickly get in a medical facility after having experienced a fall on phase. The singer later on stated that she was best, although she did not conceal that the impact she offered herself did affect her hip, although there was nothing to regret.

The one that likewise believes like Mayela regarding Luis Enrique Guzman is his Sylvia Pasquel (72 ). The soap opera villain was heard to claim that her half-brother: “He ended up being the main agent for my mommy, for her miseries, since he only speaks concerning her tragedies.

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