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The film “Nakhimovtsy” with Andrey Merzlikin will be shown in the Brest open-air park

June 20, Brest / Corr. BELTA/. In Brest, on June 21, the film “Nakhimovtsy” will be shown in the Park of Culture and Leisure, in which actor Andrei Merzlikin played. This information was announced today during a press conference, BelTA has learned.

The session will start at 20.00, admission is free. It is planned that the show will take place with the participation of the creative team, including Andrei Merzlikin, who intends to attend. “We already had the experience of an open-air premiere. In May, about 7,000 people watched the film Wings over Berlin in the Brest Fortress. one of the key events in the kaleidoscope that will take place these days in Brest,” said Deputy Chairman of the Brest Regional Executive Committee Gennady Borisyuk.

The film will primarily be of interest to children and teenagers. The picture tells the story of twin brothers from a family of hereditary military sailors. The film also starred Sergey Garmash, Olga Pavlovets and other actors. “I would take the target audience a little more broadly, I would call the film a family one. I wanted to make a film that would be interesting for the guys, that it would carry a hidden educational moment. We think this topic is very important,” said film producer Alexei Ryazantsev.

For Andrei Merzlikin, Brest is not a random city: a little over 10 years ago, he was filming here in the drama “Brest Fortress” in the role of Lieutenant Andrei Kizhevatov. “At first there were feelings associated with creativity and history. Then it was working moments. Now I come as a tourist: I have a rest, I made friends (these relations are almost like family relations). About once every six months we meet with representatives of the Brest Fortress, I learn new stories. this year I am in for a joy: a new exposition is opened in the Fifth Fort,” the actor shared.

Andrei Merzlikin came to Brest with his wife and children. His family plans to walk around the city and visit Belovezhskaya Pushcha.-0-

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