The father of Michelle Renaud’s son publishes a photo with the child and they look identical

The father of Michelle Renaud's son publishes a photo with the child and they look identical

Michelle Renaud is among the most preferred starlets in the last few years and also although that her enchanting partnerships have given much to speak about, her son Marcelo has also stolen the focus of her followers as well as has actually conquered her fans for her inflammation and also her excellent similarity to the actress.

It is common for Matias Novoa’s girlfriend to share video clips as well as photos of the child in which he constantly creates a great deal of feeling, given that Marcelo has a lot of charm, an extremely unique look and additionally has a wonderful partnership with his mommy.

“They equal”, “Like 2 drops of water”, “That little young boy is lovely, it’s all your face”, “You cloned your child, they are both beautiful”, “It’s your photograph” and also “He looks just like you”, These are some remarks that Michelle usually receives, but what lots of do not know is that Marcelo additionally shares lots of attributes with his father.

It was with his social media networks that Josue Alvarado, Michelle Renaud’s ex-husband, shared a photo with his son in which it was shown that the small additionally looks a lot like him.

Alvarado is a 33 year old entrepreneur and artist who runs a Mexican food restaurant as well as is a companion in the music producer ‘Major Tom’.

Michelle Renaud and also Josue Alvarado had a partnership for six years, they even obtained wed and also had Marcelo in 2016, but they separated in 2018 and since then the business person has actually stayed away from the spotlight.

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