The dramatic testimony of Rafael Amaya after passing through the addictions that kept him away from TV

The dramatic testimony of Rafael Amaya after passing through the addictions that kept him away from TV

After two years off television as a result of a difficult addiction to drugs and alcohol, which made it difficult for him to leave his job, actor Rafael Amaya returned to interpret his character in El Senor de los Cielos and shared details of his new life away from drugs.

Amaya appeared at the premiere of the eighth season of the narco-themed series, in which he reprises his role as Aurelio Casillas, one of the protagonists of the series. In the conversation that the actor had with E! he confessed that his return had him “very happy, very excited, full of light and full of energy.”

The actor had a problematic relationship with drugs and alcohol that led him to leave fiction in 2018 . Months later, the problem became unbearable and he had to enter a rehabilitation clinic where he stayed for several months. Today, looking fully recovered, he recalled that difficult stage in his life.

“ It is a dark, sinister side, to which I no longer want to return. And to be in the light, you have to be in the dark and now I am in the light , ”confessed Amaya, who admitted that he has “a lot of work, I am very healthy, very happy” and that he feels “very happy” in this new stage of their life.

In addition, the interpreter took advantage of the moment to acknowledge the love and gratitude he feels for Maritza Ramos, his girlfriend, who has provided him with powerful support in this difficult moment. “I have been in a relationship with a wonderful woman for two and a half years, who has accompanied me throughout this process, from good sides to bad sides,” he explained.

Before ending his joyful speech, Amaya explained that his partner “has been my accomplice in all aspects”, which made him very happy and eager to convey that feeling to the media. “I said ‘if the press has been so good to me, why not share the most beautiful thing I have?’ What is this love, this relationship,” she closed.


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