The day Queen Camila asked Carlos III for a divorce

The day Queen Camila asked Carlos III for a divorce

The queen consort Camila intimidated King Carlos III in 2018 as well as demanded a divorce because of issues she had with the children and daughters-in-law of the then Prince of Wales.

” The Radar Online” estimated a source as claiming the then Duchess of Cornwall required a “fast lane” divorce from Charles following their 13th wedding anniversary and the marriage almost broke down.

The resource admitted that Camila purportedly had a problem with Prince William, Kate Middleton and also Meghan Markle. The queen consort expected unrestricted assistance from Carlos, that did not attach much significance to the issue.

The resource stated that things got really unsightly in between Carlos and also Camila, to the point that along with the divorce, “he endangered to expose all the darkest keys of the royal family members.”

After the overblown danger, the couple had the ability to patch points up as well as the divorce was never submitted. The tale came to light as a result of the revelation that Prince Harry made in “Spare”, his memoir, where he said that along with William they begged their dad not to wed Camila.

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