The daughters of Sergio Mayer and Issabela Camil inherited their mother’s beauty

The daughters of Sergio Mayer and Issabela Camil inherited their mother's beauty

Sergio Mayer and also Issabela Camil are among the most stable couples in the imaginative world and also have developed one of the most united families, they are even presently recording a truth show to reveal their way of life now that their daughters are teens.

In these 18 years considering that their relationship began, the actor couple had two daughters Antonia and also Victoria, who in their brief years have actually shown that they have the beauty, poise, and beauty of their popular mother.

It was on October 20, 2006 that Antonia, Issabela’s oldest child, was born, who inherited not only the body of her moms and dads, but likewise the talent since she has actually revealed her interest in ending up being a starlet and also recently showed up in the film I am your fan.

Along with being considered a public figure, since she stays very energetic on her social media networks and shares her daily life, her appearances, and also has shown that she is passionate about traveling and a glamorous way of life.

For her component, Victoria is still in primary school; However, he has also expressed his wish to devote himself to imitating his family members as well as despite the fact that, due to the fact that he is a small, his social media networks are managed by Issabela Camil, he has actually revealed that he is really gifted for imaginative activities such as paint, crafts and also even ceramic sculptures and that she is passionate regarding pets.

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