The contestants of Nuestra Belleza Latina who became successful after living with shortcomings

The contestants of Nuestra Belleza Latina who became successful after living with shortcomings

Undoubtedly, Nuestra Belleza Latina is not only a competition that showcases feminine charm, it is a space that can change the life of any contestant. And also he has done so with ladies like Francisca, Clarissa Molina, Alejandra Espinoza, Ana Patricia Gámez as well as others who have actually won the crown of the Univision contest.

Before being the speakers that we see today on Despierta América, Falling in love or El gordo y la flaca, that were these ladies, what did they do for a living and also exactly how did the competition change their lives permanently?


Francisca immigrated to the United States from her native Dominican Republic to develop a far better future for herself when she was 20 years old. But not every little thing was easy in the life of who today is one of the most beloved faces on Hispanic tv.

” I was starving, I was cool, I slept on the flooring, I had nowhere to be, I really felt lost,” she claimed once, after confessing the transpositions she had to go with as an undocumented immigrant.

Even her mom never ever believed that Francisca– that sold kitchen pots while residing in New york city– would reach where she is today, not to mention win NBL.

” My mama loves me as well as likes me, yet she told me: ‘That’s not for individuals like us’ since we were poor. Little ladies who are white and with brand-new hair do these things, yet women like you don’t ‘”, stated the present co-presenter in Despierta America, that has a successful occupation as well as a family life loaded with love, in addition to her husband Francesco Zampogna as well as their little Gennaro.

Alejandra Espinoza

Espinoza today is among one of the most identifiable faces on Hispanic television, yet prior to being Nuestra Belleza Latina 2007, she worked at a financial institution and a fast food restaurant to assist her moms and dads.

Eventually, she even intended to be a registered nurse, yet Matteo’s mom’s life altered when she got in the contest. “I am extremely happy to God for things I have done, I am delighting in every moment,” she as soon as told Smartisworld.

Clarissa Molina

Molina’s case is an additional that had an in the past and also after of NBL. Before being a television presenter as well as film starlet, the young woman of Dominican beginning worked in multiple places to assist her family.

” I originate from a humble origin, I needed to work from an extremely young age to assist my parents,” she informed “Before winning Nuestra Belleza Latina, I functioned as a guard, shampooed in a beauty salon, served at a fast food restaurant … I’ve done every little thing and knocked on every door for someone to aid me.”

Ana Patricia Gamez

2010 was a year that transformed Gámez’s life. Prior to being crowned in NBL, Giulietta as well as Gael’s mom as soon as made just over $10 a week at a work in her indigenous Mexico.

“During the summertime holiday of the year 2000, which lasted two months, my aunt Rosa asked me if I intended to collaborate with her in a material jumble shop and also, certainly, I addressed in the affirmative. I remember that they paid me 250 pesos (regarding $12.47) a week and also my work was to fold fabric. But I went much further as well as organized them by type or shade,” she said on her podcast Sin filtro, who today is recognized for her engagement in Falling crazy as well as for being a successful businesswoman with her style and fashion jewelry line.

Prior to ending up being recognized on tv, Gámez also assisted his moms and dads with their food store as well as his grandfather in his tailor store. That is why today he is so thankful for the competition that transformed his life inverted forever.

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