The compatibility between Princess Leonor and Gavi explained by astrology

The compatibility between Princess Leonor and Gavi explained by astrology

In current weeks there has actually been much talk about the attraction that Princess Leonor feels for the FC Barcelona footballer Pablo Gavi. And also although that already they have not had any type of technique, astrology can answer what a relationship between the heiress to the Spanish throne and also the professional athlete would resemble.

Letizia and Felipe’s child was born upon October 31, so her sign is Scorpio, while Gavi entered this globe on August 5, being Leo. According to the zodiac, people of these indications do not normally draw in each other, mostly due to the fact that they share top qualities such as being solid willed and leaders naturally.

Princess Leonor’s aspect is fire, as well as on the other side of Gavi it is water, although this implies that they might really feel a great deal of tourist attraction initially, when they clash that chemistry is shed. But that does not indicate that their connection is doomed to failing, because both share a fantastic capacity to reach agreements and pacts, something that is important in couple partnerships.

If they both did their component, Scorpio permitting himself to trust the other, and also Leo putting aside his satisfaction as well as absurdity, they might attain a solid bond, because both indicators are really persistent and also would certainly agree to continue their connection throughout.


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The love prepare for Scorpios throughout 2023 is promising, the stars prepare for that this indication will certainly be brought in to someone really various from their “normal type”, a category in which Gavi fits completely. On the other hand, the first 4 months of following year will certainly be definitive in love for Leos, who have been undergoing a rough patch.

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