The bond that unites Marc Anthony with who was the richest man in the world and who was at his wedding

The bond that unites Marc Anthony with who was the richest man in the world and who was at his wedding

The promise that Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira made last year was fulfilled this Saturday, January 28, when, among a large number of celebrities, the couple read their wedding vows at the Pérez Art Museum Miami and swore eternal love.

At the ceremony, one of the godparents was the former British footballer, David Beckham, who has been seen to be very close to the salsa singer. However, one of the famous characters who attended the event and greatly attracted the attention of the fans of the interpreter of What price does heaven have  for his role in the ceremony, was the billionaire Mexican businessman Carlos Slim .

Little is known about the friendship that exists between the singer and the richest man in Mexico. In fact, some time ago it was revealed that Marc Anthony was a close friend of Slim’s eldest son, Carlos Slim Domit, whose wife, María Elena Torruco, was one of the bridesmaids at the grand ceremony. that married the interpreter and the former viceroy of Miss Universe.

However, the friendship relationship that Marc has with the Mexican tycoon is quite unknown to the public , but for the singer it is of the utmost importance, since the artist has performed on several occasions for Slim in private presentations. It was there that a bond was forged that went beyond what was strictly artistic or commercial.

Marc Anthony and the Slim family have coincided in various musical performances of the salsa singer in Mexico City  for more than a decade, and since then they have made great bonds of friendship that continue to this day. The presence of Carlos Slim Sr., who turned on the wedding day,  and his eldest son, who traveled to Miami especially for the marriage, is an example of the closeness of the bond.

Carlos Slim is a Mexican businessman and engineer and is currently  the eighth richest man in the world, the first in Mexico and in Latin America . It is estimated that his fortune is around 80 billion dollars.

Slim made his enormous wealth from his foray into the world of tech companies and e-commerce spinoffs, where he is one of the most relevant market players in the world.

The tycoon has made investments that have made him spectacularly profitable. Through Telmex, he went on to dominate telecommunications in Mexico , and with it he became the most important businessman in Latin America.

Although he remains current and active in command of his empire, his appearances have become less frequent, and he has preferred to distance himself from decision-making, beginning to leave his six children a legacy that is difficult to inherit.


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