The best experience with eyes and ears, Cirque du Soleil ‘New Alegria’

The best experience with eyes and ears, Cirque du Soleil 'New Alegria'

Cirque du Soleil ‘New Alegria’ unfolds fantastic body art for two hours. It is a comprehensive art worthy of its reputation, with colorful stories completed by human movements, wonderful stunts, high-quality music that doubles the sense of immersion, and exciting band sounds.

‘Allegria’, which premiered in 1994, is Cirque du Soleil’s representative work. It was inspired by the word ‘Alegria!’ that the premiere producer, Franco Dragone, used to shout when he was young in a rural village in Spain and was tired of life. made

The colorful composition that makes it impossible to take your eyes off for a moment is the biggest attraction of ‘Alegria’. The setting is a fictional kingdom. Mr. Fleur, the clown of the court who occupied the throne after the death of the previous king, the nobles who use him to maintain power, the Bronx to stir up the winds of change, the angels who lead the journey of peaceful change with the Bronx, and Mr. Fleur The skeleton of the story is solid, even to the nymph that expresses the inner side of the character.

Body language is even more amazing when you know the relationship between the characters. The aristocrats, who skillfully handle the pillars of power, combine Russian bars and banquets to perform breathtaking aerial acrobatics. Acrobats jump on top of a long pole or build a tower, and ‘Acro Pole’, where tension and relief are repeated, makes you fall in love with the performance from the start.

The two angels who have flown into the kingdom lean on each other on a trapeze, throw themselves and hold hands. Even if your hands are sweaty from the light but nimble spin, the soft and flexible motion gives you a sense of stability.

It was the expression of power that was emphasized in the Bronx, which is causing the wind of change. Heavy power is conveyed in the way he handles the giant iron wheel German wheel freely using his body’s sense of balance. This is the part where you can feel the resoluteness and spirit of a person who challenges the existing order.

In addition, the ‘Fire Knife Dance’, which instantly steals attention with a hot fire, ‘Snowstorm’, which is vividly expressed with wind and paper dust, and ‘Aerial Strap’, a dizzying aerial acrobatics in which male and female acrobats breathe deeply as if they are united, and beautiful body lines. It is a series of movements that go beyond human limits, such as this emphasized hula hoop stunt, dynamic tumbling on a trampoline, and the ‘Power Track’, where an acrobatic feast unfolds.

The highlight is by far the ‘Flying Trapeze’. The audience exclaimed ‘Wow!’ whenever several acrobats defied gravity and flew vigorously from the top of the 4 trapeze installed at a height of 10m. You will be surprised by the energy that transforms tension and fear into hope and joy.

Another characteristic of ‘New Alegria’ is the auditory pleasure. Music that crosses various genres, such as pop and jazz, gives the circus a modern feel. The two vocals harmonize sometimes softly, sometimes powerfully, and the performance composed of drums, cello, guitar, and accordion doubles the immersion of the performance. Imagine a drum sound that resonates in your chest on top of a blazing hot fire.

Excitement rises in an instant. By the way, ‘Alegria’ means joy, joy, and hope in Spanish. Cirque du Soleil ‘New Alegria’ captivated more than 14 million spectators in 255 cities in 40 countries during a tour period of over 19 years. Arguably, it is the best experience you can do with your eyes and ears. The performance will continue until January 1 next year at the Big Top in Jamsil Sports Complex in Songpa-gu,

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