The awkward and tense moment between queens Sofia and Letizia for a photo

The awkward and tense moment between queens Sofia and Letizia for a photo

In all family relationships, there are always little quarrels and also they are regular when there are disputes and no one is exempt from that, not also aristocracy, although for them the general public eye is constantly on the lookout which is exactly how they were able to catch a moment of stress between the Queen Letizia as well as Dona Sofia.

It occurred at the start of April 2018 when the king left the Easter mass on the island of Mallorca in the company of her daughters Leonor and Sofia, in addition to her spouse, King Felipe VI and his mother, Queen Dona Sofia, when the sovereign’s mother wished to appear in the photos with her granddaughters, but Letizia did not assume so as well as attempted to divide them

In a video circulating on the web, you can see the royal family leaving the church, Queen Sofia strolls with her granddaughters but Leonor is visibly uncomfortable and also to stop the queen from being caught with her granddaughters, Letizia crosses and also tries to cover the household picture, although she tried to be very discreet, whatever was recorded.

In the same clip you can see another effort by Letizia to get the infanta as well as princess away from her grandma, as well as she removes the queen mother’s hand from Sofia and also Leonor’s shoulder, with the purpose of releasing them, she makes the same motion to such a degree that Felipe has to intervene in the little episode to calm the circumstance and also stop the press from continuing to take photographs and also videos of that embarrassing moment. Additionally, at afterward, the monarch “wipes” Leonor with a kiss that was given to her by Dona Sofia.

The Spanish press described the episode as a “tense scene” and versions started to flow about a bad connection between Felipe’s mommy and the queen consort, a dispute in which their little girls would be indirectly involved, although four years afterwards episode, the things between them are polite.

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