The audios of Pique’s family asking Shakira to disappear from their lives

The audios of Pique's family asking Shakira to disappear from their lives

Everything seems to indicate that the relationship between Shakira and her ex-partner’s family is deteriorating every day , since not only Gerard Piqué’s parents already live with Clara Chia, but it has also emerged that After the singer’s “tiradera” with Bizarrap , the gentlemen would already be fed up with the Colombian.

It was on the television program Salvame , on the Telecinco channel , that they released the content of some audios in which the family of the former soccer player asks the singer to stay away from them. 

The presenter Mayte Ametlla said that a member of Piqué’s family, who did not specify who, gave her the recording in which she stated her desire not to see Piqué’s ex-partner anymore. 

“The truth is that they feel a lot of pain and sadness, even stupefaction. What does that audio say about the Piqué-Bernabéu family? I cannot specify who it is, but I assure you that it is a direct audio from Piqué’s family. They don’t care if Shakira’s life is going well or badly, but they ask her to permanently disappear from her life, ”said the Spanish presenter.

In addition, the Spanish host pointed out that the family feels that the singer is putting the children Milan and Sasha against their grandparents Joan Piqué and Monserrat Bernabeu: “What’s more, Gerard recently had to convince one of his children for an hour so that he could enter his grandparents’ house”.

In addition,  Spanish media confirmed the presence of a “witch” that Shakira ordered to be placed on a terrace facing the in-laws’ house and that has put her collaboration with Bizarrap on a loop in which she mentions her mother-in-law, Piqué and Clara Chia .


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