Television network presenters laugh after being fired for starring in a forbidden romance

Television network presenters laugh after being fired for starring in a forbidden romance

Last November they were caught holding hands. TJ Holmes, 45, and Amy Roach, 49, hosts of the evening extension of “Good Morning America,” the ABC News newscast, were still legally married to other couples, respectively, but both were in the process of separating. The scandal, likewise, broke out. Inside and outside the television network.

This weekend both were informed that they should definitely move away from the space they drove. The pause does not have a return date, and qualified sources estimate that they will never be together again in the same program on the television network, since they have been technically fired.

” We recognize your talent and commitment over the years and are grateful for your contributions ,” the station’s official statement said. However, he added the document “after several productive conversations with Amy Robach and TJ Holmes, regarding different options, we all agreed that it is in the best interest of all of us to leave ABC News,” he added.

Holmes and Robach, happy in life

The driver couple began to face a series of internal questions on the television network after their relationship became known. Although Robach had advanced her legal divorce process with the actor Andrew Shue (55) , this was not the case with Holmes, who was going through a marital crisis with his wife, the lawyer Marilee Fiebig (44) . . In fact, the presenter only officially filed for divorce in January, once his relationship with Robach was undeniable.

The chain’s executives defined the situation as “a distraction” , however they maintained that the agreement they reached was the product of several conversations in which all those involved participated.

The statement recognized the years of service of both and the contribution to the program, in what certainly seemed like a farewell, since both also received an amount of compensation for their early departure .

Both Robach and Holmes were criticized for not having handled their affair discreetly enough so that it did not become a recurring topic in the media and made internal staff uncomfortable.

But both maintained their relationship openly, noting that at the time the romance materialized and the photographs were released, the two had already separated from their partners for three months.

Hours after the departure of the two “Good Morning America” ​​drivers was disclosed, the couple was caught kissing publicly on the streets of Los Angeles, as if a tremendous weight had been lifted off their shoulders. Both wearing sporty outfits, far from how the public saw them daily on television, they were able to move freely along the city’s sidewalks without having to answer to anyone.


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