Taurus and Cancer are the zodiac signs that prevail in British royalty

Taurus and Cancer are the zodiac signs that prevail in British royalty

The zodiac manifests itself more strongly with the rulers of Taurus and Cancer within the British royal family , after four of the current members were born in the months of the respective signs.

King Carlos III , in any case, does not belong to either of the two dominant signs. He is a Scorpio and is the only one in the family within the sign of the scorpion . One of the characteristics of Scorpios is perseverance and intensity, something that is faithfully reflected in the long-standing relationship with Camila, until she became his wife and his queen consort.

Meanwhile, Camila belongs to the Cancer clan , which also includes Prince William , the future King of England, Princess Diana of Wales , the first wife of Charles III, and Prince George , second in line to the Crown.

Taureans also have a large group , although children predominate. Zara Tindall , the daughter of Princess Anne who was a 2012 Olympic medalist, is the only adult within the sign of the bull. Also included are Charlotte and Louis , children of the Princes of Wales, and Archie , the offspring of Meghan and Harry.

Kate Middleton , who turned 41 last Tuesday, is the only Capricorn , while Princess Eugenie , daughter of the Dukes of York, is an Aries .

Meghan Markle belongs to another of the fire signs: Leo . And she is in evidence with his character and determination. Her husband Hers Harry is a Virgo , while their youngest daughter, Lilibet , who was born on June 6, 2021, is a Gemini .

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