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Tasha K: 5 Things To Know About The Blogger Who Lost A Libel Cast Against Cardi B

5 Issues

Tasha Okay has been chanced on guilty of developing up indecent lies about Cardi B’s previous, accusing her of being a prostitute and quite a lot of more indecent claims.

Latasha Okay misplaced the most modern installment of her appropriate battle with Cardi Bas per TMZ. The rapper had sued the blogger for posting videos with faulty claims that Cardi B used to be a prostitute, abused exhausting pills and contracted STIs. Latasha used to be confirmed guilty on three accounts and the “WAP” rapper used to be rewarded over $1 million. The “I Like It” rapper  worked exhausting for her purchase as she even testified as a seek and even claimed that Latasha’s accusations had made her “suicidal.” Cardi B first took motion in opposition to Tasha Okay on this topic when she refused to rob down the blog posts in 2019. Right here are five issues to be taught about Latasha and her drama with Cardi B.

1. Latasha Okay is in the heart of a attend-and-forth appropriate battle with Cardi B. — Latasha’s feud with Cardi began in September 2018 when she shared an interview on her YouTube channel with a girl who accused Cardi of abusing pills, prostitution, and having an STD. As a end result, Cardi sued Latasha. Latasha then countersued Cardi for slander. However, in her sleek, amended lawsuit (talked about above), Latasha claims Cardi precipitated damage to her unborn child.

2. Cardi has spoke back to Latasha’s most contemporary claim. — Cardi’s fetch believes Latasha Okay’s actions are a ploy to acquire publicity at the expense of the rapper. “Tasha Okay’s counterclaims are fully frivolous and do not private any merit,” Cardi’s fetch told TMZ. “Tasha Okay clearly appears to assume that this lawsuit and the courts are her social media channel where she thinks that she can say something she wants, without regard for the reality, harassing Cardi and her mates to are attempting to realize reader to her blog at the expense of Cardi.”

The fetch’s observation continued: “Right here is failing — Tasha’s bear words in interviews and paperwork picture that her claims are fully faulty. Cardi fully expects that Tasha Okay’s claims will most certainly be pushed apart, and that at the pause of this case, Cardi will most certainly be victorious and Tasha Okay will most certainly be held guilty for the blatantly faulty issues she has said, written and posted about Cardi, that Tasha Okay knew had been faulty.”

3. Latasha Okay is from Atlanta. — Her Twitter memoir and internet space every reveal that she is a Georgia native. She also goes by her files superhighway name, Tasha Okay.

4. Tasha Okay is an files superhighway personality and blogger. — She covers “sleek leisure news and star gossip” by video inform on her YouTube page, podcast, internet space and Twitter memoir, titled “UnWinewithTashaK”. Her tagline reads, “We sip wine and gossip”. Tasha’s Instagram page no longer exists.

5. She is a mom. — Tasha has spoken about her daughter on social media, and she has a 2nd child on the contrivance. Tasha shared photos of her child bump on Twitter at the pause of June and into early July (2019). On June 29, she wrote on Twitter that she used to be 37 weeks pregnant. Tasha has also shared photos of her male accomplice on social media. It’s unclear if she’s married.

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