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Sundance Review: Lena Dunham’s ‘Sharp Stick’

Lena Dunham hasn’t made a characteristic movie since Miniature Furnishings 12 years ago, but she has some plausible excuses—working Girls for six seasons, conceiving one other series, writing two books, acting here and there. It took the pandemic to ranking her dreary the camera but again and, low and assume about, the following movie is set folks living in very shut quarters, no longer going out essential and, no longer no longer up to for some, having reasonably an excellent deal of intercourse. Appealing Stick brims over with the energy of kids that wanted to present one thing, snappy and down and soiled. The outcome is an invigorating movie a pair of stupendous woman who, in her mid-20s, sheds her lifelong avoidance of intercourse to dive into the deep conclude. The FilmNation production is making its world premiere in the Premieres portion of this three hundred and sixty five days’s pageant.

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It’s reasonably correct to issue that no movie has ever centered on a protagonist with an explained sexual historical previous reasonably devour that of the major personality. But that can wait a 2d, because it takes a while to present sense of the reasonably advanced living arrangements at a modest residence in Los Angeles’ Atwater neighborhood.

The true-taking a glimpse, true-for-nothing man of the residence is tempo-talking Josh (Jon Bernthal), an incurable philanderer with an crude eagerness to delight who peaceful has some key life classes to study (and seemingly by no manner will). Dunham plays his soon-looking ahead to wife Heather, whose sweet younger son has mental disorders and is regarded after by nanny Sarah Jo (Kristine Froseth), a stunner who for all time wears a smile and has a selfless personality that warms all in her neighborhood.

The latter’s mother Marilyn (Jennifer Jason Leigh) is an residence manager, while Dusky adopted sister Treina (Taylour Paige), a membership promoter, has limited patience for family shenanigans. Briefly, the family is one thing of a zoo elephantine of impulsives, none of whom exactly beget their acts collectively.

Kristine Froseth and Jon Bernthal in Lena Dunham’s “Appealing Stick”

Sex has for all time conducted a fundamental role in Dunham’s creations and by no manner more so than here, where things ranking very advanced in a transient time. Not no longer up to vaguely responsive to his immaturity, Zach bends over backwards to admit his want for self-teach. But an faded hound dog by no manner dies, interestingly, and when, in a interior most 2d, Sarah Jo confides to him that at 26 she’s peaceful a virgin and would devour him to medication her of this situation, the gentleman can no longer fetch a technique to refuse.

There’s a startling reason Sarah Jo hasn’t let somebody into her life, or pants: She had an intensive hysterectomy at 15. Now, nonetheless, she wants to switch forward and senses she’ll be in true fingers with faded educated Zach, who, it unsurprisingly looks, historic to be a porn smartly-known person. Sarah Jo and the movie sort trustworthy prefer-off here, and leave it to Dunham to strategy up with all manner of sexual and dramatic diversifications that ship Appealing Stick flying in all forms of peculiar directions.

As it her wont, the creator-director doubles down on this effect-up to insure that Sarah Jo makes up for lost time. She begins writing to porn stars she in particular admires, praising them for his or her special expertise. She creates long lists of adaptations she wants to are attempting—Eiffel Tower, jackhammer and creampie, true for starters—and you seemingly can true place confidence in Dunham’s merriment rising by the minute as she sends Sarah Jo out on her long-delayed sexual odyssey.

As fun because it is miles, this latter stretch soon begins to feel fair a limited silly and indulgent; as a alternative of settling into an no longer no longer up to marginally serious impress at how adolescent sexual trauma has deeply messed with a younger woman’s life, it feels more as if we’re at some Las Vegas convention dedicated to the most fresh in intercourse toys. Yes, we’re seeing and listening to stuff here we can also by no manner beget seen in a mainstream movie forward of, but it all begins to feel fair a limited inappropriate true for outrageousness’ sake.

On the opposite hand, the scenes and characters here feel freshly minted and alive, and most of Dunham’s inappropriate gambits repay in surprising humor; few plug where she goes and buy the capability she does. As ever, her characters are loaded with foibles that are in general so dramatic as to sideline nuance. The whole identical, the movie captures an correct sort Covid-period snapshot of moody folks getting on every others’ nerves ensuing from the unnaturally and indefinitely protracted want to dwell cooped up, usually in groups that by no manner would beget chosen such extended shut proximity.

As addled, pissed off and sidelined as nearly your whole characters are beneath the unprecedented prerequisites, they peaceful aren’t very diversified from Dunham’s—and most comedians’—common series of neurotics. She’s made true issue of her enforced enclosure.

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