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Sundance First Look: ‘All That Breathes’ Follows “Kite Brothers” Devoted To Delhi’s Birds Of Prey

EXCLUSIVE: In 2019 the Sundance Film Competition hosted the field premiere of Honeyland, a documentary that moved audiences with its fable of a humble Muslim girl in North Macedonia who tends to wild bees. The film went on two make two Academy Award nominations.

Three years later Sundance unveils a documentary with a comparable in actual fact feel: All That Breathes, directed by Shaunak Sen. The film specializes in Mohammed Saud and Nadeem Shahzadas, brothers in Delhi, India who devote their fats energies to caring for injured birds, especially the dismal kite.

The main peep of one in all the avian creatures comes about three and a half minutes into the film, a kite that appears to be like to waft within the smoggy sky. The image and the voiceover set the lyrical tone of All That Breathes: “When other birds fly, their effort reveals,” the narration says. “Nonetheless the kite swims.”

The brothers have treated 20,000 birds over time. Kites are victims of town’s intense pollution and face other hazards looking out to survive within the metropolis. As birds of prey, they’re meat eaters, that can make them contempt from India’s Hindus, most of whom are vegetarian. Saud and Shahzadas are Muslim and enact now not object to the birds’ weight reduction program; in point of fact, they utilize a fair real portion of their time grinding meat to nourish the birds.

Within the unfamiliar clip above, the narration notes, “It’s acknowledged that feeding kites earns ‘sawab,’ (non secular credit score). As soon as they eat the meat, they eat away your difficulties.”

Correct as Honeyland addressed wider social and environmental disorders, All That Breathes reverberates with some pressing societal questions.

“As environmental toxicity and civil unrest escalate,” a summary of the film observes, “the connection between this Muslim family and the unnoticed kite types a poetic narrative of town’s collapsing ecology and rising social tensions.”

All That Breathes is an acquisition title, with Submarine Entertainment handling gross sales. Shaunak Sen directs the documentary; the producers are Sen, Teddy Leifer, and Aman Mann.

Thought the unfamiliar clip above.

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