Streaming Aggregator Platform ScreenHits TV Launches Social Feature ‘TV Friends’ For Apple Mobile Devices

EXCLUSIVE: Content and platform aggregator ScreenHits TV is launching a new social feature, TV Friends, on its mobile app which will enable users to see what their friends are watching on the service.

The feature, which will be available from next week on iOS cell phones and tablets, is slated to be one of ScreenHits TV’s biggest services, enabling users to see their friends’ viewing habits and recommendations, without having to ask them what programs they are currently watching.

Users can access the TV friends section in the drop down menu on their mobile app and can connect with their friends through Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp on their contacts list. Once connected, they will automatically see a list of their friends that have a ScreenHits TV account and can start swiping through to see the shows they are watching. Invitations can be sent to contacts not using ScreenHits and, much like social media apps, there are options to like, dislike, unfollow and save shows for later.

Speaking to Deadline, ScreenHits CEO Rose Adkins Hulse said, “There are so many different services out there now that recommendations on what to watch and what not to watch has become more important than ever. We find 99% of content based on these recommendations. This social feature will enable people to see what’s trending amongst their friends, giving consumers options to swipe up to watch it, swipe down to put it in their watch list or swipe left to get rid of it. It’s really fun to play with.”

ScreenHits TV, which aims to simplify friction for streaming viewers coping with an abundance of content by creating a curated, bundled experience. In the U.S. it aggregates 32 streaming services including Amazon Prime, Disney, Paramount and Hulu.

It’s currently available in the U.S., UK and Germany and has plans for international rollouts across 22 countries throughout the rest of the year.

ScreenHits TV Friends

ScreenHits TV

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